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Classic Game Room HD – BLUE DRAGON PLUS for Nintendo DS

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  2. Rabioticsqurl TM

    1:20 Zola has a penis? 

  3. Microsoft properties on Nintendo handhelds is an amusing novelty

  4. michael eichorst

    @Grimmjow229 the first game was for the x box 360. one of the earlier
    titles i think, it was a typical Jrpg (and yes i am using the term JRPG. i
    cant stand that people are saying that thats not a term…a style of rpgs
    made by the people of japan IN japan and unlike (for the most part) the
    syle of rpgs made else where. straight forward story line, turn based
    battled, a simple level up system. unlike most western rpgs which have open
    ended game play, more char customization and real time battles (again these
    are not set in stone but that does not mean that most rpgs from japan
    fallow the same style as well as rpgs in the wester world, And for the
    morons who say its racist to say japanese rpg, you need to stop playing
    games and read a dang book. the term japanse isnt a race, its a
    nationality…sorry rants done

  5. Zackplayer123 .

    this game is pretty good, but i enjoyed the first game more.

  6. ha, hope to see more ds games reviews from ya. always interesting to watch

  7. i played this game wich was fun….but after a while you get like 40 ppl in
    ur party and it gets kind of ridiulous i mean i even forget my men behind xD

  8. @DemonRoach I have a boxed Lemmings for the Atari ST standing on the
    bookshelf in my room. And I have some writable floppies that were never
    thrown away. Admittedly, they’re all standard, small floppy disks, but
    floppy disks nonetheless. I just don’t see the humor in it. They are indeed
    old school, but how’s that funny, let alone funny “as hell”? What he had
    was a GAME DISK, no less; do you laugh when you see cartridges?

  9. Fernando Fernandez

    this game is the bomb!!

  10. what was the first games called? and for wat system?

  11. Yes the show is based on the game however there are major differences
    infact its basically completely different. you may be able to get off just
    watching the anime but keep it mind its a full metal alchemist manga anime
    difference were talkin here

  12. if u have not reviewed blue dragon, u need to.. It’s a great JRPG.

  13. PokeMastaGuide

    reminds me off DBZ rofl

  14. @hasegawamiki 😀 😮 Thats awesome! I found a project for school when I saw
    this comment and the floppy worked X3

  15. Poo snake?? good ol’ Akira Toriyama.

  16. I hated this game. Go play Final Fantasy 12 revenant wings if you want to
    play a well done RTS for the ds. It atleast gave me close to 37 hours of
    gameplay including all sidequests while BDP only gave me 15 hours

  17. Yeah, BD is one of the best!

  18. I need to find this game D:

  19. though recommended to watch the anime first. cause of the story/characters
    and shadow skills.

  20. Has anyone won the game?

  21. wow it says 2008 microsoft but its on DS mind blown

  22. Unreachable Cloud

    Question: The anime is based on the XBOX game right? If yes; can I watch
    the anime and then play this game and the one after (also for DS)? (I only
    have a PS3)

  23. love blue dragon

  24. you made it through that? It was just too slow for me

  25. dun dun dun dun…. awaken in me….. a storm to set freeee!!! weee rrr
    wweeeeee rrr unstopaabaaaaale…

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