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SAGER CLEVO NP9570 ( CLEVO P570wm ) VS ALIENWARE 18 – Gaming laptop Battle – specs comparison 2014

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  1. After little break once again another GLB video, hope it will be helpful to
    consider which one to buy.

  2. Alienware = Overpriced

    Why do people still buy these things? Sager is a FAR, FAR, FAR better

  3. Sager will always win.

  4. mate what language do you speak???

  5. NoNewWorldintheOldWorld

    the laptops to compare are P377SM VS Alienware 18 – They have the closest
    Specifications … they are both Laptops with SLI, and Clevo fit it all in
    to a 17 inch shell where alienware neded 18 inches for the same thing! The
    CLEVO 570 kills the alienware just based on CPU alone, that being said…

    IMO the 570 is a bit overkill. However, Im insterested in building a 570
    type laptop in an aluminum suitcase… include 2 desktop GPU in SLI, 22 or
    24 inch screen, real keyboard and mouse +++

    at the price of the 570 Motherboard and casing, you can get a really good
    desktop motherboard, cooling system and power supply, just DIY when it
    comes to a desktop laptop

    also the 570 requires 2 power supplies, total 660W.. just way too much to
    lug around in a laptop…

    if im going to lug around a 660W power suppply, I want it build in to the
    laptop and I want it on WHEELS !

    Maybe after I upgrade to dual 980m’s I will consider building the suitcase
    notebook desktop

    Buy an OS?? People still do that these days?? hahahhahaha
    paying for an OS… i thought that was unheard of….

    also 570 can be bought barebones, so with most of the hardware,.. to say
    that alienware has more options, its not true… actually 570 has more
    options because it can be done yourself with any of the alienware options +

    for Alienware, you pay 500$ for the warranty in the base price.. unless
    your a usless pathetic GIMP, you can save that CASH AND DO IT YOURSELF

    but everyone these days are dependent zombies, so expect them to need the
    in home warrranty of MOMMY HOLDING THEIR HAND to make them feel better and
    more confident about their purchase..

    idiots…. you can have an entire second laptop for the price of the
    fucking warranty!!

    next you better extend it! BECAUSE IF YOU DONT, ONCE IT RUNS OUT YOU WILL

  6. Sanene ismimden

    I really like his accent and electronic music. Lol it is weird but I like
    his reviews lol. :)

  7. Writing this comment on my Sager np9570……..probably the best
    performance laptop out there. 

  8. Adam Armstrong

    Please, for all that is holy, pronounce model numbers in short form. “4940”
    is “fourty nine fourty” and “750” is “seven fifty”.

    I assume this isn’t how it’s usually pronounced in your native language,
    but it’ll help make it easier to understand for native english speakers.

    Thanks :)

  9. Hey mike, is the MSI gs60 ghost pro’s laptop replaceable? 

  10. JasperLee93 -RDLoyalty

    The laptop on the left is more of a mobile server..

  11. eurocom panther 5.0 is better than this

  12. I just subberd you because you have the newest contents for “vs” videos…
    But it would be much better if you would show some more pictures from those
    Laptops (every sides and stuff for Ports)
    And maybe consider to get a new mic.

  13. Valentino Zaballa

    compare : GT72 Dominator Pro-007 vs alienware 18

  14. They never announced 4k display for the Alienware. Did I miss something?

  15. RebelMindSoldierSide

    GMike, whats so special about having 2 880m video cards over just having

  16. Resale value is with the Alieneware Sager/Clevo were value brands with
    little value/resale value.

  17. Asus G750 vs SAGER NP8298 vs SAGER NP9377 with same GPU. i wonder how cheap
    the sager will go with 1 GPU but will they remove the 3rd fan if i go with
    1 GPU and if no will it be working so 3 fans for 1GPU 1CPU 😀 ?

  18. +1sub for in depth info and hard to understand accent

  19. Hey guys I want to buy a good laptop in the future so could you suggest

  20. Please make unboxing video of Sager NP9570 with maxed out performance

  21. Btw gumamike I have an idea for you’re videos. You should do the gaming
    performance at last because then people will know what to check.

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