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CGR Undertow – PERSONA 4 ARENA ULTIMAX review for PlayStation 3

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  1. Man, TJ’s too talented of a reviewer. I think he needs to move on to
    greener pastures. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some CGR, but Undertow only
    averages about 5k views per video, maybe less. The dude’s nerd knowledge
    runs deep, and he’s able to offer so much more insight into games than your
    typical mainstream review. I don’t want to say that his talents are going
    to waste, because they aren’t, but I don’t think he gets the exposure he

  2. P4A, P4U, same difference, different sides of the pond. P4AU (with a much
    longer and more convoluted name in Japan) brings a number of new faces,
    game modes, and tune-ups.

  3. That adachi joker skin

  4. Best 2D Fighter: Persona 4 Arena Ultimax
    Best 3D Fighter: Tekken Tag Tournament 2

  5. UltimaKeyMaster

    Oh my god, Adachi has a Joker color? XDDDD

  6. May the manliest of all Men,
    Come On Down!

  7. The story in this game is utterly awful. 

  8. So this is a sequel?

  9. I love this game!

  10. The last fighting games with RPG characters were Dissidia and Dissidia
    Duodecim, not Ehrgeiz. Although these games are more like Action RPGs with
    Fighting game mechanics.

  11. Of course one of Adachi’s color patterns makes him look like the Joker.

  12. This needs a Vita release.

  13. Distracted Observer

    I LOVE this game! It’s the reason why I kept my PS3 and boy did it not
    The Story wraps up a bit iffy & it would be a rather bad ending if we never
    see it advance from this point in the Cannon.
    But with so many references to Elizabeths & Sho’s “Journey” I can see
    another mash up in the future.

  14. reversecolin1256788


  15. Good review, but you forgot to mention that the online arcade is only
    available in the ps3 version.

  16. It’s too overstyled imo

  17. Want this game so bad!! Needs to be available for download on xbox live! My
    360 stopped being able to read discs long ago! 

  18. Aruarian Dance

    Great review.

  19. Dude. How do I contact you?

  20. Holy shit I thought I’m the only person in this planet who still remembers
    Ergheiz. Damn TJ, you really know your shit.

  21. LongIslandVideoGamer


  22. Andre Pendleton

    This game reminds me of the same art style of king of fighters 12.

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