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Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition: “CITY” Texture Pack Review and Initial Thoughts!

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  1. We should change the gray wool…

  2. That’s what bugs me most, you’re supposed to build your world around a
    specific texture pack, not every structure you build will look exactly as
    intended with every texture pack, those blocks you consider the worst block
    can easily be used as a ventilation system in a new build, that’s the
    entire reason it’s called the “city” texture pack.. it’s so you can use
    those textures to build an entire new city structure and not base the
    texture pack off of old textures that you used…

  3. John Greenhaulgh

    That is not grey wool, it’s chiselled Quartz.

  4. My favourite texture pack is the human one

  5. TheAGame | PC Gaming and More!

    I wish they had the city texture pack for the PC.

  6. Is there a video for building the building at 4:01 ?

  7. I have this texture pack :D

  8. Hi can I plz plz plz plz play with u on Xbox 360 my name on Xbox is GpEd
    GhOsT thanks a lot bye

  9. I bought the city texture pack but there is no city in the game, just a
    regular woods and jungle.. 🙁 what a waste!

  10. immanuele simonelli

    I do roads with bed rock

  11. CraftyMinecraft Builder

    is there anyway i can get this texture pack cause i have mc on my pc :/

  12. Kaetlyn Sizemore

    hey my Xbox gamer tag is blowinsmoke 246!! please can iz play with u

  13. Où est le lien de téléchargement ?

  14. adrianna wright

    Me. To. I. Look. All. Around. My. World. All. I. Found. Is. A. Mountains.
    Ever y. Were. I think. You. Lied you. Build. It. In. That. Texture. Pack


  15. How much does it cost to buy ?

  16. They have changed grey wool

  17. FootZilla Productions
  18. I am using City texture pack in a world to build a big city I started to
    day witch is Sunday October 2 in Australia

  19. Elias Strachardt

    This is very good 

  20. Dominique Ramirez

    How do you hach a ender dragon
    On Xbox one

  21. Download?

  22. You can’t mess up snow unless you pee on it :)

  23. Kennady Proctor

    What is the seed for that world? Cuz I really want to find a world seed
    like this one in the video! 

  24. Matthew Snedeker

    The gray wool doesn’t look bad just out of place 

  25. Green Mountain Gamers

    They should make custom texture pack and u make them by choosing what
    blocks you want from different texture packs. Like I want stone on the city
    and wool on the natural texture pack. U know what I mean? 

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