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PS VITA Review Part 4 – Camera (vs 3DS & iPhone)

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  1. My psvita records

  2. Gilbert Flores

    @TheRealChris713832 the vita does record video.

  3. It’s a thing companies do. The newer version of the vita ( probably) slim
    will have a Better camera so more people will upgrade. The second reason is
    to cut costs, it already costs the same as the ps3 so yeah it was probably
    done on purpose.

  4. On the brightside, Im sure it made the price cheaper than if the camera was
    an 8.0 MP camera. And it’s a 1.2 Mp camera not a 0.3 MP one. I read it in
    game informer.

  5. @KamilDrakari I agree, I’m not too fussed about the quality of camera’s on
    gaming devices but the 3DS is pretty terrible, still fun for some of the
    games tho, at least you can make out detail on this camera.

  6. LOL is that a mini psvita ? it looks so small in your hands

  7. MrLolmaster101

    i think the ps vita should get instagram

  8. update the ps vita

  9. @VidsandClips No no flash or html5 video.

  10. It’s doesn’t look that bad

  11. ComputerLunarVidGamR

    Yup, just remembered that the new software update added video recordings,
    but only in the 320 x 240, snd the browser to me actually is decent.

  12. Emmanuel Ekwebelem


  13. @TheRealChris713832 Watch the follow-up that is linked as a video response.
    A recent firmware update enabled video recording.

  14. ps vita cam is bettter

  15. wat up with the redbull and monster energy

  16. shoot im paying 250+ for a crappy camera -_-, didnt sony make digital
    cameras prior to this device -_-….

  17. I love how the camera button is a Leica M9… Seriously, though, that’s
    like the other end of the spectrum of photography! ;-D

  18. @KamilDrakari were those pics taken

  19. GrizzlySpitterz

    Your hands are ginormous my vita looks big in my hands and I have big hands
    that means your hands are freakishly ginormous

  20. no more plastic, today IN materials r aluminum or steel compounds like seen
    on iPhone and little of plastic. I like the build of PSV, but like Ive said
    I dont like how shitty is camera considering how much u use your camera in
    mobile devices and most importantly their crappy SW not capable to fully
    utilize PSV HW capabilities and run web pages and all the other stuff u
    want to have on your smartphone. I was thinking PSV will be gaming device
    with mobile devices features, but they lack that.

  21. what about after the update is it better image quality

  22. the vita is as close to perfect as a handheld gets, but i do hope to god
    that they release a better camera that you can plug into it, iif nothing
    else to make the AR gaming better

  23. What the heck the camera for the 3ds on this video looks OK but on mine
    it’s very blurry and has a hazy look. What do I do?

  24. ff7viisawesome

    I have a vita its better quality with more light

  25. PS VIta looks sooooooo small in your hands man!!!

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