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Sony PSP Go unboxing

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  1. Cool vid bro! I’m getting this console in a few days. :)

  2. Matthew Godsey

    “The End My Left Foot” LOL Tweeterman You Crack Me Up :)

  3. Vita Go with AT&T would be the worst handheld ever. Digital games only plus
    that ripoff memory card. AT&T’s ripoff prices. Bleh wish it would still be

  4. Oh shit was Little Cat holding a grenade!?!?!

  5. Joaquin Woodland


  6. oh my god they went apple with their usb cable xD 

  7. (Connected to below) @ 0:56

  8. I hope to get this for Christmas 

  9. Daklog Does Gaming and Other Stuff

    Happy Late Birthday!!!

  10. machir belizaire

    thanks for the mac adress

  11. My brother got this for Christmas and he was like “WTF IS THIS THING”

  12. Boring

  13. the cat is soooooooo not funny -_- but the psp go is COOL!!!

  14. Nice beginning lol

  15. Oddcast Archive

    Do cats really explode when you throw them?

  16. poor kitty 🙁

  17. Still gonna get one. 😀

  18. he sold it

  19. The end my left foot lol

  20. funny patapon demo, that’s what let to the hbl and hacking of a psp-go

  21. ModderWizardDude

    Or Because it isn’t as good as the Other PSP’s?

  22. doesnt matter because either way we still know it. not like anyone cares
    what it is anymore anyway

  23. Since it’s only $60 couldn’t hurt trying right?

  24. If they had gone pure digital at the very start, it wouldnt be so bad. BUT

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