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100 Nintendo Ds Games in 10 Minutes! HD

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  1. Andreas Berganza

    I have wathed this 10 times. I got a ds for one buck cause i won a stacker
    game! Now i watch it every morning. And nintendo is NOT

  2. Alcor, The Anguished One

    No Devil Survivor. o-o

  3. I love this video 

  4. that background noise hurts my ears. i recommend going on pandora or
    something and playing something that doesnt sound like scratching noises

  5. Liew Chee Keat 廖治傑
  6. Love the song, what is the track name? Great video, love the DS!

  7. Algun torrent para descargar todo el pack?

  8. Richard Copeland

    Good video but crappy music

  9. I played 41

  10. Andreas Berganza

    Had my ds for six years!!!!! I still love it!!!!!

  11. 5 YEARS LATER: this video still rocks. I love it!

  12. abdlkarim bousserouel

    thanxs men

  13. Lila geningan

  14. I’m currently deciding on which handheld console to invest. The PSP or the
    Nintendo DS. ugghhhh.

    PS: Don’t get me wrong, I already have a vita and a 3ds. I just want to
    play the old games the way they were intended to be played.

  15. Just got a DSi XL from the used market. It’s insane how many cool games
    there is for this machine. This video is a great showcase, (even with the
    annoying music ;D)

  16. Great thanks bro very helpful

    But why was there footage of Star Force in the ZX Advent section?

  18. the first song is :Infected Mushroom – I Wish (Skazi Remix), thank Shazam,
    not me ;)

  19. Rogelio Antonio

    muuchas gracias los videos todos buenos

  20. Akira demon wolf

    psy psy psy traaaaaaaaance!

  21. This list is better than watchmojo.com lists! Ive watched this since 2011
    and I cant believe how its not tiring to watch.

  22. Xyleuze Ascano

    Dudes can i ask you some questions if ds is lowbattery does it not on?

  23. 2 advance wars but not smt: strange journey??

  24. Great to see Another Code in the list! But no 999 Nine Persons Nine Hours
    Nine Doors?

  25. Xyleuze Ascano

    Dudes if your ds wasnt charge and not being used is it disabled to played?

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