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Building Asus Rampage III Extreme I7 Quad Core Gaming PC

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  1. MegaReddevil91

    Guess he wont be using a pirated version of 7.

  2. 1000w is waaaay overkill for 2 460s

  3. your like a child in a christmas 😀 but use word ”shit” littlebit less.

  4. sesamechicken101

    nice rig

  5. as soon as you said wow i shit my pants at the fail.

  6. @Joewee13 Lego is harder. Seriously. LOL

  7. How much was this rig just wondering.

  8. someones addicted to wow

  9. joachim ødegård

    the ssd u got is actually very good. I’ve had it for a while now; no
    problems at all – fast as hell compared to all the buggy ones.

  10. all that gaming power and you play WOW now thats just GAY

  11. 24 Gig of ram? WTF are you thinking?

  12. The fan on the cpu cooler is monted wrong,mount it on the other side

  13. Caleb Chandler

    You need ritalin.

  14. lol can’t believe I didn’t notice those 2 Orange amps next to your comp
    till about half of the vid was over, those babies are sweet!

  15. 1600 is probably max for these days and its games, and probably 8 gb will
    be used as max ram. for gaming there is no need for more only when doing
    the overkill build xD when rendering the rams and speeds will need to be
    higher for better and faster editing

  16. Are you clinically insane?

  17. BAD ASS RIG but the COOLER IS SHIT!!! bottle necking!!! cooler fan is wrong
    …..BTW why not a liquid cooling or a Zalman since it’s all BAD ASS!!!!!

  18. for sec u thought i didnt work hahah noob 😀

  19. thumbs up if u disliked this videos because of the sounds he maked

  20. srry i mean i5* sandybridge and OC it!

  21. Vakho Surmanidze

    Loll looks ? its not the look dude its slows your pc like a hel your SSD
    dont helps then 8GB is good

  22. lmfao, all this to play fuckin WOW, shame on you. Nice rig tho man but you
    really should get an Asus GTX580 sli with a water cooling setup, would be a
    totally sick beast then!

  23. why are people complaining about that he has to much powersup or ram -.-
    its freaking awsome!

  24. 1,2,3,4,5,7 wtf …

  25. you r nutsss

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