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CGR Undertow – TIME AND ETERNITY review for PlayStation 3

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  1. This game wasn’t that bad. I got my copy at an yardsale for 5 bucks.

  2. You need an affection meter for a girl you were about to marry in the first

  3. nastycanadian1975

    tah this game is awesome.. picked it up brand new for $9 and the best $9
    spent on another title for my rpg collection. OK, first, as far as the
    gripe of using skills on the next level up is really not that big of a deal
    as you are constantly using new skills every level up. Second, if you want
    one of the 2 girls to be the absolute victor in the affection meter, you
    just level up and use the girl you want, to do all the quests… simple.
    And finally, just by watching you or whoever play the game I can tell they
    ( you ) thought you could just spam O the whole way, then complain the
    controls are clunky…. not quite. This game is really “cool” so if you
    find a good deal on it … add it to your collection. xD Oh and use the
    zoom out with R2 when roaming the maps lol.

  4. bestpsychosean hasnolastname

    Well, if you compare this to Toradora that pretty much means I won’t go
    near it.

  5. It doesn’t even look as good as everyone says 

  6. Hunter Rodrigez

    oh for fuck sake… do they really had to use EVERY SINGLE bad stereotype
    that ever came from anime… well ok you dont have a character with goggles
    he never wears on his forehead but i bet there is a nosebleed in this damn
    game somewhere… i mean they even got the run of the mill cheap anime
    style down 

  7. This reminds me of the bad idea called FMV games. It looks terrible when
    she’s running around. Like a bad green screen effect. And the battles look
    annoying as shit!

  8. I owned this game for a night. It wasn’t a very good night.

  9. Dark Mountain Productions

    You can zoom the camera out with the R2 button, which really helps
    navigation. But anyway, I pretty much agree with everything you said about
    the game. It still has a level of fun to it, and the story can be
    interesting at times, but it does get kind of tedious, and is best in small
    doses. A noble first effort, but there is so much room for improvement.

  10. Horrid sexist garbage this game is. Well done japan well done (slow clap)
    No wonder the japanese game industry is on its arse.

  11. The concept is awesome, but the level of development is kinda lazy.

  12. ripoutyourprejudice

    Ugh, terrible by the numbers modern anime design.

  13. Mini-map can’t zoom out, yes you can expand the whole map, looking at their
    backs, just press R2… I’m actually a jrpg fan and didn’t like ni no kuni
    at all. I kinda liked this one a tad more. 🙂 

  14. Eh, if there are cute anime girls and an “affection meter”, then I’d
    definitely rather play this than NI NO KUNI, for the exact same reason I
    bought RECORD OF AGAREST WAR on XBox 360. I’ll play a mediocre JRPG instead
    of a quality JRPG if the mediocre JRPG lets me choose which cute anime girl
    I can take as MAI WAIFU.

    But I don’t have a PS3 so I can’t play either game.

  15. the Pokemon games should be like this third person game with fight scenes
    like this. then I’ll start playing pokemon…

  16. Okay seriously? You complained about reaction time? Dude its called timing
    and observation. I find it hard to believe you played this game for more
    than a couple hours if you are nit picking at such incredibly small details
    and expect than making actual legitimate claims.

  17. I really wanted to like this game and I play every so often to force it
    along. I love Kana Hanazawa and Eri Kitamura, but even they couldn’t keep
    me interested long enough to finish this game. 

  18. well I am having good fun with the game.

  19. Tony Tony Redgrave

    ‘not even toradora’ damn that’s harsh

  20. This looks as unbearable and dull as Tales of Vesperia.

  21. Overall I heard this wasn’t very good, but the style alone made me want to
    check it out after some price drops.

    But are you saying that the character switches at level ups and only level
    ups? Wouldn’t that make like the affection meter and what skills you have
    at any given point completely random and arbitrary?

  22. Ranma reference… happy me.

  23. TheCodedtestament

    The combat system is definitely the high point of the title, requiring the
    gamer to actually think about how to attack and pay attention to each
    monster, the lackluster environments and the way that the game holds your
    hand (mini-map, character dialogue explaining plot points) is a complete
    contradiction.Do you want a new experience and immersion to break your
    gaming routine? Do you accept that this game has flaws that might not be
    taken too serious due to other things it can offer? If so, Time and
    Eternity is the game for you.

  24. Wow baaddd. Well what do you expect its brought over by NIS America after

  25. It’s because it wasn’t made by Rocksteady, plain and simple.

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