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The Xbox One Teardown Review

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  1. Great video! Thank You!

  2. it’s an APU not a GPU

  3. 5400 rpm and SATA 2?!?

  4. you are not able to play used or rented game on this thing? what the…?

  5. XB1’s processor is made in Taiwan instead of Malaysia The Xbox One Teardown

  6. Question: Say I do want to change the harddrive, is there a way I install
    the OS or is it as simple as swapping it? 

  7. THE NEWLY RELEASED Microsoft Xbox One games console has been taken apart by
    teardown specialists at iFixit and found to be rather a cool customer.
    The Xbox One console has a large fan that can be easily replaced. This is
    good, as it should prevent overheating, but it could be loud.
    In its report iFixit said that Microsoft’s Xbox One is not as “elegant” as
    Sony’s Playstation 4 (PS4), thanks in part to its huge external power brick.
    “Still, part of the Xbox [One]’s added girth goes towards housing a huge
    cooling assembly, a welcome addition after the infamous Red Ring of Death
    fiasco,” it added. “Perhaps hedging their bets against the unthinkable,
    Microsoft also made both the fan and the heat sink easy to replace.”
    Not officially replaceable is the “standard” Samsung 500GB, 5400RPM hard
    drive that rests inside. Ifixit said that replacing this will void the
    warranty, but won’t break the brain bank.
    However, anyone doing that immediately will be taking a risk, and iFixit
    said that it could not say whether a replaced drive would work, adding that
    it did not have a spare in New Zealand.
    Really easy and sure to work is a fan switchout. “Should your new Xbox One
    have cooling issues, replacing the fan or heat sink is easy-breezy. All it
    takes is the simple flick of a spudger to separate the 112mm diameter fan
    from the heat sink,” said iFixit. That’s one small step for replacement,
    one giant leap for repairability.
    Overall, the Xbox One matched the PS4’s repairability score, and got an
    eight out of 10.
    The internals, chips, drives and all, are covered by iFixit in a Youtube
    video. Apparently it got up rather early in New Zealand, bought a console,
    and took it apart in just a few hours.
    There is a mix of kit and chips in the box, and iFixit pores over them all.
    Included are an 8GB SK Hynix NAND flash module, 8GB of DDR3 SDRAM, and a
    500GB hard drive, along with an AMD “Jaguar” x86-64 CPU and an AMD Radeon
    Graphics GPU.
    The Xbox One is priced at £429.
    By Dave Neal

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  8. joahn johansson

    I think microsoft focused more on the things that was new rather the
    improved things. much of the PS4 news was already standard on Xbox 360 

  9. Our Xbox One teardown review, or as we like to call it ’round these parts,
    The Talkie Teardown. http://buff.ly/1bVvBZP

  10. Kailen Bittner

    A lot of empty space could have jammed in the power supply

  11. +harun618 They are both basically compact PCs. 

  12. I like the Ps4 than the xbox One Sorry Microsoft sucks

  13. i think the ifixit meter is broken it always gives an 8 these days.

  14. Why is this hard drive so small? 500 GB… I don’t even can purchase one

  15. The Xbone’s APU cooler has less surface area than I thought compared to the
    PS4. It should run cooler, but not as much as I thought. I do respect them
    though for not trying to cram too much in there and causing another RROD. 

  16. joaquin penroz

    First comment

  17. An 8? Can’t even upgrade the HDD at least a 6, wouldn’t the vents on top
    just let in more dust?

  18. No mention of an internal power supply… they’re not still using an
    external power bar I hope?

  19. I think its a 9

  20. it has similar design as 1st xbox…. fat and chumpy one.

  21. so much wasted space inside and the power unit is external… Lazy

  22. iamhereforever

    just to get a few things straight, the ps4 has a better GPU and more RAM
    and the processors are almost the same. A win for the ps4. Developing
    games will be easier for the ps4 than for the xbox, Wich makes the devs use
    the full potential of the ps4 and port it to xbox after, while the games on
    the ps4 will run on a smooth 60 fps version of the game and the xbox on a
    30 fps version.

  23. JustinBieberFan90210

    Hopefully Microsoft release software so we can format our own.

  24. Looks rather nice, clean and simple eventho Im probably not going to pick
    one up.

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