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Perplexing Pixels: WWE 2K15 (Xbox 360) (review/commentary) Ep88

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  1. its more than one john cena you haveto click on him and it will show
    diffrent john cenas

  2. Christopher Simms


  3. The One V-decepticon

    Even in 2K15, Sandow still wants to dip his balls in it. Keep up the
    awesome. :)

  4. The One V-decepticon

    By the way, did Duhop lose his accent for a minute or two during the triple
    threat HIAC? Oh shit, kayfabe. Sorry bros.:P

  5. Wow what a half-asssed version of the game. Hopefully 2K15 (next-gen)
    retains all the creation features from the previous games. Also, I’m pretty
    sure half the roster is DLC, so that’s why the roster seems pretty bad, not
    just for this version.

  6. I.G Animations

    Wow even the stamina bar didn’t change only on ps4 and xbone lol 

  7. That’s grime what the hell grim I thought you hate that grime peice of

  8. Attackslug is GRIME ULTAMETE WTF

  9. Grime is atackslug

  10. Richard Abbott


  11. The guy teaching him is grime 

  12. Hit a to fast foreword

  13. killzone gaming

    attakslug is grime!

  14. Gustavo midueno

    Hi I’m first fu guys


    You guys should play Fifa I want to see grims reaction 

  16. Wwe2K16 will be out by the time he enters the ring LOLOLOL

  17. I will beat evreyone on WWE 2K15 Next gen 

  18. 1. Edge is going to be DLC.
    2.why is everybody complaining about WWE 2K15 so much?
    3.this is why i waiting for the xbox one versen of the game to come out

  19. What is the cheat code

  20. joseph podzielny jr

    Walk to the cell with opponent it says omg then hit y and u break the cell

  21. you needed to be on the other side of the ring near the announcer table
    near where in Extreme Rules you would pick up the ring bell

  22. Cool

  23. You throw them into the bottom or the top corner and press the OMG them


    Lmao, he’s like mad serious, and they’re just chilling.

  25. Richard Abbott


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