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Nintendo Wii U Console on Monitor Setup

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  1. parappathegamer

    Is it possible to do this using only an HDM1 cable and a speaker?

  2. I am getting a Wii U in a few days and would like to use my monitor for it.
    I’m pretty sure my monitor has everything yours has, minus the built in
    speakers. If I plug the Wii U in through HDMI and also plug my external
    speakers into the monitor, would that work? Sorry if it is obvious, but I
    didn’t quite understand everything in the video.

  3. how can i do this if i have a 64 bit laptop with windows 8?

  4. TheGamingville

    Don’t have hdmi :(

  5. my monitor doesnt have a hdmi port but my graphics card i bought for my
    desktop has. will i be fine with using a wii?

  6. Antonio Pichardo

    How do you do on a laptop

  7. Melakozmo gaming

    What if I have a iMac?

  8. Can you hook up both the hdmi and component cable at the same time and
    through the settings select that you want to output video through hdmi and
    the audio through the component cables?

  9. Can you record Wii U gameplay with a pc capture program? Or is it
    impossible to open/use other programs while you’re playing on your laptop?

  10. Chris Fritzsche

    Can you do a video on connecting the Wii to the monitor thanks 

  11. WoWitsColdpizza

    Thank you

  12. TheDestroyer1124

    Hey thanks for this, planning on getting a wii u for black friday with the
    new smash. When i play the new Smash with my friends, what would you
    reccomend if i wanted to like talk to my friends on skype, and have audio
    from the game

  13. MonkeyKillerFTW

    Wii U not Wii

  14. Four Ninja Toads

    Nintendo Wii U Console on Monitor Setup

  15. xFusionxSpectre

    How is the sound quality?

  16. Show how to do it on a xbox 

  17. When you first got your wii u did you set it up using a tv? Because I just
    got mine and I’ve tried connecting it to a newer model asus monitor and it
    doesnt get signal even after changing it to hdmi on the monitor. Should I
    set everything up on a tv first so I can change the settings on the wii u
    as well?

  18. My Asus monitor has amazing speakers. More powerful than I could have ever
    hoped for. It all depends on how much you’re willing to spend, to be

  19. Wouldn’t the wii u look pretty bad on a 1080p monitor? The wii u is native
    720p with upscale to 1080p and the monitor only outputs native 1080p m,

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