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PS Vita Borderlands 2 Bundle Unboxing Video

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  1. 2007pepsilover

    if you have to choose just look for a used vita and just buy border lands
    2. The screen is just too good to go back and since alot of people didn’t
    use theirs you can find them for cheap and in good shape. Got mine almost
    in mint, came with an 8gb card and need for speed most wanted for around

  2. I’m so excited for this, all i want now after this is minecraft and ill be
    a happy vita owner

  3. i wish more consoles came in colors other than black and white.

  4. TheNUFCGamer x

    Id really like to get into the PS Vita and I’m definitely purchasing
    Borderlands 2, Minecraft and Terraway. Any other games I should get for
    getting into the Vita?

  5. The Fine Print

    Immediately bangs the Vita on the table… Good job unboxing.

  6. Deadshot Studios

    Man, I wish Xbox made a Portable Console…

  7. Best bundle you can get

  8. Anthony Alvarez

    Did you guys see him smack the shit out of it on the table when he took it

  9. I can’t believe it doesn’t come with a physical copy of the game!?! And
    only a 8gb card, BL2 alone will take a lot of it! 

  10. No borderlands case? no physical game? so…..how is this a borderlands

  11. Is this the only way to get a non-preowned ps vita slim in the US other
    than inporting?

  12. Already preordered can’t wait

  13. 4 expansions packs were all over 1gb, plus the main game makes me think
    this is gonna take most of the 8gb card. Why couldn’t they give a physical
    copy of the game with this bundle?

  14. I’m about to go pick mine up from Gamestop today. :D

  15. The Lizard King

    Scott Lowe looks kinda like a tiny Greg Miller. 

  16. I dont understand why people get excited for this… THIS GAME IS 2 YEARS
    OLD. I know this game is amazing but… we should be excited for NEW
    games… That’s why i hate the vita. Big big big lack of good games and big

  17. Soooo is this bundle discontinued or something? I’ve been interested in
    buying a Vita lately, but I want the slim version cause of the slimmer
    profile and longer battery life, but literally every retailer is out of
    stock both online and for store pick up, except amazon who is selling it
    for $60 more than retail.
    Looked into it and can’t find any reason why these are all out of stock.
    The annoying part is that there isn’t even a stand alone version for the
    slim, you have to get the Borderlands bundle.

  18. Anyone add me if you wana play this game with me

    Psn renzoabc 

  19. My ps vita slim is so annoying started downloading borderlands 2 at 7
    o’clock now its 11 o’clock and its still downloading

  20. Anthony Zamudio

    That nigga fucked up pulling it out lol

  21. Massive Hammer

    the new vita looks like a psp!!!!!!

  22. I wonder how much money you could make by selling the voucher on eBay,
    after all the bundle people get the game before the official release 

  23. greg miller lost some weight 0_0

  24. A Console Peasant

    Sony needs to stop fucking around with the ridiculously overpriced memory
    cards for the Vita…

  25. Got this Monday and I just can’t stay off of it
    If you’re worried about the screen then don’t be because it still looks
    Just don’t go back and forth with this one and the old one and you won’t
    feel like it’s worse at all

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