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PSP Go Unboxing

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  1. i dont like psp go because its like nintendo ds with one screen

  2. Naruto_Beast786

    No mani

  3. nice video 

  4. @WhenHellBrokeLoose i dont have one 😀

  5. psp go=fail

  6. should i get one plz reply

  7. WhenHellBrokeLoose

    @fight341 yeah mabey if this was 3 years old he would be showing off,
    itouch has been out for years, how is he showing off.. everyone has one.

  8. I like how people are saying that he should have gotten a psvita instead of
    the psp go when the psvita wasn’t even released yet

  9. Haha i have the PS VITA!!!!!!!

  10. it flips up y know

  11. how do i activate fly mode on psp go? please tell me

  12. Sucks id rather spend my money on an ipod touch ngp should be better

  13. Nice video…..but your music sounds like an 80’s porno

  14. Andreas Nolsøe

    please tell why its better becouse i cant see anything better

  15. christopherTRAN18

    i thought u were gonna sell ur i pod touch LOL 😛

  16. if i was u i would buy a psp go

  17. (+[___]: 🙂 look, its a psp.

  18. Melissa O'Brien

    love it

  19. why does it suck it doesnt

  20. the psp go is very small lol i want one for christmas

  21. i will just stick to my good ol psp 3000 thank you

  22. Justine Mae Ancheta

    i want this psp go

  23. NIcejuan LuisITO

    @ Al13nwar3z 3001 is better try to look at the screen of it! you will see

  24. @cannos09 I’m thinking of getting a psp go instead of a ps3.Seriously its
    the same hting it’s just ps3 has more features.

  25. @TeQuilaaak ha

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