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Classic Game Room – SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI: STRANGE JOURNEY Nintendo DS review

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  1. What is a glorified dungeon crawler?


  3. Atlus, NIS and Camelot all the way!
    Screw Square Enix, their best games were when they were still just called
    If an RPG is good and it’s not in the Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest series
    they’re instantly 100 times better.

  4. Alonso Palma Garrido

    I think I like this better than SMT IV, this has that old Shin Megami
    Tensei feeling to it. Love it, my second favorite SMT after the first one,
    you know, the concept is still the best so far.

  5. stupidreligionz

    awful review.. goooddd stop talking nonsense all the time and give only
    decent info, so hardd??? u just try to convince people to buy the game with
    your speaking tone. puke.

  6. The music at the end reminds me of the monolith music from 2001: A Space

  7. this game is great! has a metroid feel to it along with a dungeon crawler
    experience.. very atmospheric 

  8. 5:30 lilim looks like maya amano??? holy shti

  9. Did you know if you beat this game and collect all the demons it shows an
    extra cutscene at the end with 0bama having gay sex with union thugs, dogs,
    arabs, chris matthews, socialists, and communists? While worshiping his
    idol Karl Marx and spreading communism setting up the story for the next
    installment of the series. Mwahahahahahaha

  10. Flynn Infinite

    Really challenging but at the same time boring and repetitive. The ost is
    amazing though

  11. Goddamn, will Atlus ever reprint this game? I want it so bad 

  12. TheVegaIsAwesome

    CGR’s reviews are great. I too went out and bought all the SMT games after
    watching their reviews.

  13. 1:14 Dead Space/ Shin Megami Tensei crossover? Make it happen Atlus. lol

  14. It’s SMT 3.5, in a way. It was planned to actually be 4, but I believe
    Kazuma Kaneko wanted a true SMT4

  15. already know that, read my previous comments in this reply chain lol

  16. fatlus*

  17. its of a guy liftin his shirt with a bulge in his shorts, how isnt it?

  18. LonelyOtakuStudios .ThatBlackFedora

    The Schwarzwelt is black!!!! It is a black hurricane not purple!!!
    Schwarz=black in german welt=world in german it is a black world not purple

  19. Brennan Vessel


  20. i don’t see how it is my picture doesn’t have him having sex with a guy or

  21. Liked and subscribed. Thanks for the review

  22. solidwolf sixx

    shut the fuck up and go fap to one erection oh and don’t forget to come out
    of the closet

  23. well… first of all, i think the word you’re looking for is controversial
    and not “bad”. ALL of the SMT games are good games, its just that sometimes
    the themes can be a little sensitive depending on the route or alignments
    you choose to take in the game.

  24. Overthere.Ohwait

    dont have PS2 xD

  25. true, but I think, i’m not sure, that the map creation is borrowed from
    Etryan Odyssey

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