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UnBoxing: ASUS ROG G750JS-DS71 17.3-inch Gaming Laptop, GeForce GTX 870M Graphics

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  1. Hi everyone, my apologies for not responding to everyone’s comments
    personally. I have been very busy with school and what not. But to just
    quick summarize up, the laptop is absolutely amazing for $2,000. I do
    everything and everything on it and I really dont have a con about this
    laptop. At school I usually have it hooked up to a 32inch HD Television
    with an HDMI. When it is at my desk is usually when play games, I play
    LCPDFR on GTA IV,(since wanting to be in law enforcement later in life.)
    Dead Space 3, Titan Fall, SimCIty, Simulators, Battlefield 4, and lots more
    just like it all the time. I also use various programs as in Skype, ooVoo,
    a free movie/TV program Popcorntime.io, and many more, and all including
    games work crystal clear. Sometimes the games may run slow, but I figured
    it is because I have lots of programs running in the background. Battery
    life is great, I haven’t really timed it but I know its quite sometime
    (depends what im doing). All in all, this is one of the greatest purchases
    of my life, other than college haha, and i strongly recommend it then any
    other gaming laptop/laptop. Of course its not a Desktop. But if you are
    looking for a computer that can do almost anything as a desktop but on the
    go or on a lap. THIS IS THE ONE. 

  2. Nicholas Spinazzola

    I hate asus i got one of there laptops and i had to send it back 5 times
    every time they sent it back something was wrong with it…

  3. Omg I have the same exact laptop great for gaming !!!!

  4. is it quad core?

  5. Noor elahi Islam

    This made me happy

  6. Best Laptop Ever, I Love This!
    This Laptop is My Most Favorite For Run Perfectly the Dead Rising 2 Game!

  7. Heya mate…I was wondering what kind of FPS this ASUS gets playing MMO
    games like DayZ and Arma 3? D|o you have to overclock your processor? Looks
    like a great computer, most likely beats the Alienware 17

  8. patrik da llama

    How much does it cost?

  9. Hey dude what is the full report on this labtop??
    looking to buy it

  10. And also, yesterday I purchased this laptop from Amazon. There were bad
    reviews, that one man returned it for 4 times, and every time it came back
    with a defect. Does yours have any defects ? thanks in advance buddy.

  11. Terry Belugabags

    NIce Video, Whats the music???

  12. Great laptop but will not play Landmark which is why I bought it.

  13. Buddy, you’ve got the BEST intro in the whole YouTube. I absolutely love
    it. Where have you got that music ?

  14. LiverpoolFC YNWA

    looks better than MSI gaming laptop to be honest and I got the MSI GT70
    nearly the same specs except I got the i7 4810MQ and a GTX880m

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