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Review: Gioteck SC-1 Wireless Sports Controller for PlayStation 3

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  1. Too bad more reviewers don’t go into it this well… Or I’d have owned a
    lot more secondary controllers.

  2. Is it rechargeable 

  3. Are you still using this controller? Any issues? Quality?

    Great review, keep up the good work! 

  4. Nice work! great presentation, funny, intelligent, fair, likeable, and
    helpful. Nice Work!

  5. Can I play cod with this

  6. MacedoniaGamingNetwork - MGN

    Looks like Xbox controller

  7. You forgot about the custom sensitive 

  8. be very aware that you sir have herpes!!!!! BE AWARE

  9. Cameron Turner

    This controller is a piece of shit… Mine broke within a month, it won’t
    connect to my PS3 

  10. great review. now can u do one for the gioteck hf2?

  11. Can you put a ps3 kontrolfreek on the analog sticks ? 

  12. I believe that there was a PS3 firmware update that doesn’t allow third
    party controllers to connect via bluetooth anymore. Hence the dongle.

  13. I have this controller and on gta When i hold the r2 button the car doesnt
    drive at full speed

  14. I want this

  15. This is actually a superior controller by far over the regular PS3
    controller. This does not feel like an off brand or generic control. I just
    hope I can use it with the PS4. Why Sony has not caught in to offset thumb
    sticks yet is beyond me.

  16. Kabamsoo Da Bomb

    Thanks, I was planning on getting one, but I wasn’t sure, so thanks man!

  17. I never understood why so many gamers want one stick lower than the other
    like the Xbox one. If you have a girlfriend, should one nipple of her boobs
    be lower too? 

  18. Kevin Reginold

    Hey, was just wondering, can i connect two of them at the same time?

  19. I dont know whats better this or the Hf 2 cause HF2 pros: Its a nice fit in
    the hand it also has turbo its bluetooth there is a button to switch the l1
    l2 r1 r2 adjustable analog sticks Cons: battery powered i dont like the
    bumpers on it personally does not have the combo feature 

  20. Marie Rodriguez

    I have the Controller even though I don’t like Xbox 360

  21. TheKillzoneguy45

    Can i use it for my pc plz reply

  22. Nah the con’s doesn’t make me not want to buy the controller the fact that
    there is a turbo function,its good :)

  23. What is six axes 

  24. thks for the help not joking i needed a new controller

  25. the d pads sh*t and the analogue sticks are in the wrong place, i’d rather
    have them side by side plus the triggers are small and thin.

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