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Xbox One Unboxing, Setup & First Impressions

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  1. Like if your watching this in 2018

  2. Thanks for watching our unboxing of the Xbox One. Please check our our
    other video which puts the PS4 vs Xbox One vs Wii U here. PS4 vs Xbox One
    vs Wii U Review

  3. CALEB cornelius

    Like if your watching this because your excited to get it for christmas

  4. Microsoft cut down the price for xbox tremendously. 500 bucks to 350

  5. On my tv the xb1 doesn’t fit my screen. There’s at least an inch cropped
    off top/bottom/left/right of the screen. There’s nothing I can do in
    settings on my tv to fix it either. The xb1 doesn’t allow you to fix the
    aspect ratio in the console settings. This has been a problem since release
    and it seems the only solution is to buy a new tv.

  6. what kind of samsung tv is that and how many inches ? i wanna get one as
    well and are they good for FPS games ?
    plsss reply, liked the vid :)

  7. Still using batteries for the controller… lol….

  8. Lol in like a year people will be like omg ps4 is for like total noobs,
    xbox is so much better, anyways can you people stop fighting about it fuck,
    go enjoy your console, xbox has stuff ps4 doesnt and ps4 has stuff xbox

  9. I’m surprised the console even worked after you tossed it around for 10

  10. Killing Spree8

    Idk why it would take you 20 minutes to download the update unless someone
    was taking up all the internet bandwidth. Looks to me like you have 25Mbps
    which I have as well (I usually get above that tho about 28Mbps) and it
    took me about 2 mins 30s.

  11. Harvey Hostetler

    I’m jealous I want a xboxone soo bad

  12. I like the design.

  13. Zaquise Charlemagne

    Lol getting hip these days with the youngsters 

  14. Guys stop arguing and fighting and whatever else their are ps fanboys and
    xbox fanboys but seriously but they’re both different and both good so stop
    the fights and just get what ever console and enjoy it without arguing
    against the other console?

  15. Floyd Gayweather

    Nice Xbox one unboxing! cool

  16. I NEED to get Xbox one

  17. bartontuckyman

    So…. im curious as to see why you said the xbox one’s cardboard box
    layout has a more gaming layout. You are retarded. Its a fucking box. Lmao
    this review was descent, I like it. But that first comment had me rolling. 

  18. Sub to me and I’ll sub back :)

  19. SuperSmashedMan

    Is that The Miz’s t-shirt?

  20. I am considering to upgrade to nextgen but I am wondering which one to buy.
    In Europe Xbox isn’t as popular as in USA but I just want to know your
    opinions. Maybe I’ll learn new things and consider better than just blindly
    deciding :p

  21. Need a decison to buy xbox one or ps4

  22. X BOX ONE sure does look like a VCR….Come on MICROSOFT….Can’t you get a
    decent design for gaming consoles…….

  23. Should i get a xbox one or a computer?

  24. tell me something back

  25. so will my acount be gold on xbox one

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