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CGR Undertow – BORDERLANDS for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

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  1. I’ve actually already beat the 2nd one which is why I’m bought the first
    one because I love the 2nd so much. I’m sure the ending sucks because the
    ending to the 2nd sucked but that’s because the game was never about the
    ending it was always about the journey and the cast of quirky characters
    that make up the world you occupy that makes you want to come back.

  2. Hey buddy
    Try nt reading from a script

  3. is this game openworld?

  4. I love this game but I get slowdown on my ps3 when screen is full of
    enemys. Does the 360 version have the same problem?It does’nt hinder
    gameplay but was just curious

  5. UndercoverCracker

    @ZackathuiaKawonga Umm the aiming in FPS on PC is way better than any

  6. Oh, the irony of *you’re comment.

  7. ThePeoplesElbow100

    @coldroomservice yes

  8. Im getting borderlands at christmas will look for ppl to play with GT
    Sponsored By Me 😉 send a message also.

  9. this game was so fun and ahd the biggest replay value of any game i mean i
    played this game probably aroun 200 hours i mean it was amazing!

  10. JeredFromSubway10

    @coolguy10112 Yeah pretty much is.

  11. AnimeWolfgamer

    This is a game I want 😀

  12. Hiimurmomma760

    @saphiralover1234 best 2k game is bioshock

  13. Dewan rambishun

    @superstickman42 i know right

  14. yes over 5 days i get my xbox 360 250 gb nice and like BORDERLANDS 1 and 2
    cool shooters looks like fun to me anny boddy recomend other games??

  15. Dwight Allison

    The use/spelling of the word “you’re” on the internet makes my head hurt
    when reading it.

  16. boring comment imo

  17. 20-25 hour exploring??? This means, he didn’t play half of missions… i
    needed double that time, to finish all missions…

  18. wwwdihstyledotcom

    @Kilroy369Productions You have to play it to find out. It’s really, really
    bad and anti-climax. For me, it was the only problem I had with Borderlands
    because the entire game is extremely impressive, especially in co-op mode.
    You should definitely try it

  19. Tangitaua Falala

    @SamuelNes in other words you suck balls at everyother shooter so you play
    borderlands, and fallout3 is a game of the year game you show me where
    anyone has named borderlands a game of the year game? borderlands for
    people who suck at call of duty and find fallut 3 too expansive for their
    little minds

  20. supermidnightgamer

    @fatalnightmare22 couldn’t have said it better myself

  21. @UndercoverCracker not if you grew up playing them on consoles like me

  22. NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!!!! You NEVER mention the end of a story EVER! Whether u
    r saying it’s good or bad, because now, people will begin to think how bad,
    or good, it is based on the plot.

  23. Don’t compare border lands to bio shock it sucks

  24. Sithorx der greasemonkey

    i was 56 on this

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