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CGR Undertow – SPLINTER CELL: BLACKLIST review for Nintendo Wii U

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  1. Oh – my “favorite” reviewer lol More like a comedy relief mind you :-)

  2. FullmetalOtaku97

    I actually think he died from how bad this game was gonna be…

    I’m kidding this game is great

  3. should i get this game?

  4. What do you mean the game has a higher resolution then any other platform?
    Lol the pc has the highest resolution being 4k. Sounds like your spitting
    when you talk btw. 

  5. Does anyone know if they added local co-op yet?

  6. My multiplayer doesn’t work at all.. Is it because I live in brazil and we
    didn’t receive the patches yet? Every time I play spies vs mercs the game
    session disconnects and it tells me to try again later. Someone please

  7. ɠɒᴃᴙᵻᴣɫ ɬᴓᵿᵱ

    To sum up the review : “Players using the Wii U version will probably cry
    themselves to sleep knowing they have chosen an inferior port of the game.
    But you get to use a Wiipad to control a drone so that’s cool I guess. One
    of the WiiU’s not exclusive features is the Grim Missions, which are
    Missions given by Grim that are heavily focused on the Sexual Stealth and
    Danger Wank playstyles. In each of them you are tasked with fapping three
    devices without being detected. Failing to do so restarts the mission and
    all progress is lost, the mission also requires you to grab some STD’s for
    intelligence. Those missions will be heavily guarded not only by personal,
    but also security measures like Camera and Tittyvision. Completing Grim’s
    Missions rewards a full set of the Kinky Suit. Only three of the maps will
    need to be completed in order to unlock the suit due to the Playboy Mansion
    map being an exclusive Pre-Order.” -Official Splinter Cell Wikia

    You’re literally the worst reviewer on earth, right next to the name i
    can’t repeat else i’ll get brain cancer : IGN. Please, go the fuck away and
    leave Classic Game Room at once, you’re all a disaster and a fucking
    dishonor to the name and go join something as crap as IGNorant.

  8. 2 questions: do you have the option to display it on the game pad and are
    you able to play without the gamepad like with the controller pro?

  9. Worst review on YouTube ..

  10. Add me as a friend.. My wii u id is:
    We can then play online together!

  11. Can the reviewer stop trying to be funny and just give me the review?

  12. Who writes the text that this guy reads 12 year old kids wait 12 year old
    kids are more funnier than this guy when they actually try. And actually
    blacklist didn’t sell on any of the systems (pc,ps3,xbox360 and the wii u
    together) does that means no more splinter cell games?

  13. Christian Cortes

    Stick to Splinter Cell Chaos theory. Its the better game.

  14. This is literally the worst review on the internet. You have
    insensitivity over someone’s death, rambling about the Splinter Cell
    franchise, and a lot of dead air. Anything of note was said in the last 30

  15. Christian Cortes

    Dont think it was offensive towards mr clancy, he wouldve wanted it that

  16. I find it pretty funny how people kept complaining, “Ohh the Wii U is less
    powerful than the 360” “Ohh the Wii U won’t do 1080P” and this is perfect
    proof right here, that both of those statements are crap. This game runs at
    1080P on Wii U(With the gamepad), 720 on Xbox 360.

  17. Skatala Gat Negre

    I actually liked how the game looks, I think it’s rlly cool but in the
    other hand the lack of local co-op (my top feature) made me lose the

  18. Wii u offers the definitive gaming experience in my opinion. Enjoying mine
    a lot 

  19. I was thinking of getting this for the Wii U and this review really helped

  20. We gonna get a Sonic Lost World Review Derek?

  21. i dont like stealth games, but i may enjoy this one, and its kind o cheap
    now, so ill try it, the rewiew defnetly helped, thx dude. 

  22. evilmonkeyman289

    I appreciate your dedication. But you should go outside and get some fresh
    air now.

  23. Well the wii u is also 2% of the marketshare of the consoles released. So
    it sold 1:1 with it’s marketshare, but the game all together sold horrible.

  24. Animation OverLoad

    can you please stfu and review the danm game

  25. I thought they took out features of the Wii U versions that the others will
    have? DLC is one example that the Wii U version isn’t getting. That’s not a
    positive sight for people that don’t own the game yet.

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