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PS Vita Slim 2000 – Borderlands 2 Bundle – Unboxing HD

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  1. man its too bad the price skyrocketed on amazon…. its nearly $250 for it
    on amazon. I really hope it goes down as I am thinking of getting this for
    my birthday, which is in a month.

  2. Are the memory cards just micro sd cards because I have a 16 gb one I never

  3. Cool vid just next time don’t put the code on the screen for boarder lands


  5. Did it take a long time for your calekshin

  6. So, does the DLC for BL2 not come with this?

  7. Im getting it for critasmas i saw my mom walk in and saw

  8. I just got that and I really recommend u guys getting one its a really good

  9. Andrew Sweeney

    This is absolutely my dream room!! Way to go SeeJay!! Good stuff man!

  10. maryanne murphy

    Addme psn: kind699

  11. Sick t-shirt! 

  12. Damn im jealous of your collection 

  13. Bockerstar -Xbox 360

    Everyone add me to play borderlands I have all the add on’s on ps vita also
    have cod declassified! PSN- marksman777724

  14. Patrick Velasquez

    I want a vita but what games could you buy for it 

  15. Matthew Hartgraves

    it’s IPS LCD, the best version of LCD.

  16. I thought you were going to be hippie with dread lox lol

  17. Chris Quintana

    Got mine today! :)

  18. Your so cool 

  19. Im excited to get this soon. Digital copies are so cheap imo…i wonder
    how much space borderlands 2 will fill up on that 8 gig? 

  20. Does this come with a 8GB memory card in Australia too?

  21. Alex the gamer

    When i got the bundle i got so much
    Scratches on the back touch pad WOOPS :< Also sick set up you have going on in the background

  22. luther olayemi

    It comes with an 8 gb memory stick instead of 4 gb? Awesome.

  23. Andrew Sweeney

    I own both versions. I find myself going back to both systems. Usually I
    just wait till one dies then I grab the other. As far as the differences
    go, if you only want 1 vita and you want to buy the best one for your
    money, I would definitely get the first edition Vita (PCH 1001). The
    reasons being: The screen is OLED as compared to the newer Vita being LCD.
    OLED makes for a cleaner, smoother, more saturated colors than the LCD
    screen has. I even think the older vita has a slightly better framerate
    than the newer model but hardly noticeable. The only downfall the first
    vita has, is when you are in a completely dark room playing and you come to
    a black screen, the screen appears smudged and the black is smeared looking
    across the whole screen. This is normal for OLED technology and this defect
    appears in most OLED models. You hardly will ever see this and you wont see
    it at all in a lit room. As far as the battery life goes, both the old vita
    and new have about the same time window if you are just gaming and nothing
    else. The slim vita (newer model- PCH 2000) has the LED screen. 1 major
    advantage that most people don’t mention is that the LED slim vita is
    easier to see outside in the sun where the older OLED is hard to see
    outside in bright sunlight. The slim’s (newer) construction is sexier than
    the first (in my humble opinion). It feels better in your hand because it
    is lighter and the black touchscreen is smaller and the hand rests on the
    back are larger so you don’t accidently hit the rear touchpad. 1 other
    thing that most people don’t talk about is that the newer vita has 1 gig
    internal memory on board BUT, if you insert an external 8 to 64 gig memory
    stick in, the 1 gig internal memory cannot be accessed or used until the
    physical memory stick is removed again. Kinda a useless and fail attempt on
    sony for an improved quality over the first. OVERALL, the new and old vita
    look almost the same when it comes to having fun on either model. When you
    are buying games for the vita, one thing to keep in mind is if you want a
    game that you can play on 2 different devices at the same time, then you
    should always purchase the downloaded version of the game. This way you can
    download it on both of your devices (if you have 2) and play with a friend.
    If you just have the physical copy of the game then you can put it in both
    devices at the same time. 1 major thing if you DO get the physical copy of
    the games than it is very good to have if you don’t want to use up your
    memory card’s memory too fast. Having a ps4 is the best experience you can
    have on your vita as it will stream all games to your vita without
    sacrificing video quality and framerate. I hope this helps someone.

  24. Colin Southwood

    Damn must’ve taken years to make your video game collection its BEAST!

  25. Chris Pratt ?

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