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Extreme Gaming PC 2011

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  1. what is the song?

  2. what is the song at the very start? i mean

  3. Cool CPU, but the video “in the dark” sucks

  4. that case is rather disgusting, and you really should consider doing some
    cable management

  5. All of my cables are tied down in the back they are as short as possible
    and as hidden as possible. I really like this case ….. You should go get
    a Corsair like everyone else.

  6. I have one in full lighting also. Check out my channel.

  7. Nice build… Going to do a build now and was thinking about that CPU
    cooler, but it just takes up so much room. Thinking about going with the
    Corsair H100 Hydro cooler. It should mount on the top vents. Also, the heat
    sinks on the boards and RAM are really crowding the CPU’s now days, and the
    Hydro would solve that worry also. Trying to decide on this case or the
    Rosewill Thor V2.

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