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CGRundertow SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review

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  1. HorroRviXenKate

    beautiful lookin game 

  2. Kuato Total_Recall

    this is not so compelling as Carmageddon

  3. Daniel Woolhiser

    For some reason I never once exited out the left side the temple for entire

  4. Great game, worst game reviewer.

  5. thisjointisloose


  6. I have the ps2 one. This game is boring. For aps2 game great fucking grasp
    graphics. AndAnd the colossus are cool creature things. But that’s it? Just

  7. Just leave her dead..deff not worth it

  8. This game was originally for PS2, this is the ICO pack port. Would be nice
    to clarify in the title.

  9. I hate how they removed the motion blur in the HD remake. I don’t know,
    something about it made the game feel even MORE epic to me. 

  10. I wish this were on PC :(

  11. MasterMarioBros95

    A Zelda clone, uh no thank you. Ico is better, and more unique than this. 

  12. Walter Whitfield

    It’s free right now on Playstation Plus

  13. Just bought this at 5 and below

  14. *+Devin McCormick* The playstation is like 250 dollars .___.

  15. ok im very confused I heard that shadow came before ico in the story line
    but he said shadow came second so if I want to follow the story line which
    should I play first?

  16. that must be some pussy lol jk

  17. i didn’t know you didn’t have one and the ps3 isn’t 500 dollars

  18. @GamerNinjaX You are a dummass, I’ve been subscribed to CGR undertow even
    before you were on youtube, I know that, also, you are an idiot, he likes
    nintendo, because of nintendo games, whenever there is a bad nintendo game
    he says it, he even said mario kart 64 was an overrated title, something a
    nintendo fanboy would never do

  19. I missed this game

  20. LinkMarioSamus

    Words cannot describe how epic this game is.

  21. Devin McCormick

    Just got a ps2, this is like the main reason why i picked it up.

  22. Mahmoud El Arch

    I have to have this Collection for my PS3, unmissable ! these 2 games are
    the best experience I got on my PS2 ever.

  23. As far as I’m concerned, this is the best game on the PS2 and one of the
    best games of all time. Seriously, people who don’t think video games can
    be art need to sit down and play Shadow of the Colossus.

  24. Peter Sullivan

    Th blood in this game seems more like a gas than actual blood, but it still
    seems like a great game. I’M GONNA BUY IT!

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