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HBO Go on Amazon Fire TV

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  1. plex forums say that the hbo plugin doesn’t work anymore because it’s a
    ‘webkit’ channel and that’s not supported anymore on plex server. :(

  2. Emobilecode Bonus

    It was super easy to set up. An instructional video came first. told the
    basics and then off I went to explore.

  3. Do you need to have a Plex Server box to run Plex on the AFTV?

    One thing I like about XBMC is that it will play movies directly connected
    to the AFTV, so there’s no need for a seconder media server box.

  4. Quiet Storm III

    how do you get the hbo go to actually show up? when i go to online, all i
    see is my itunes…

  5. Hi! Can you please help me figure this out? How do you watch showbox on a
    Samsung tv? Thank you!!!!

  6. could you fix the link in the comments? just linking to github home page.
    I have tried all related hbo.bundle repos there all of which seem to be
    thieved clones of the original

  7. I ment on a Samsung smart tv?

  8. I actually side loaded HBO go with a rotation app and using a mouse
    pad..works like a charm

  9. Doesn’t work. When you go to start any movie or show it errors out.

  10. All goes well on my server/pc but can’t play anything through the Fire TV.
    Are there updates or something to the plugin that I’m missing?

  11. No not Showtime, Showbox. Its an apps that you have to go to Google showbox
    site to get it. Not the app store. It’s free movies and their up to date
    movies. I can get it on my Galaxy 3 tablet and Galaxy 3 cell. There’s a way
    to get it on my Samsung smart tv and LG smart tv thru the Galaxy cell
    phone, but I’m not doing it right. Can you help? 

  12. Jonathan Caban

    Could you make a video where you actually play a video? I can do everything
    in this video except I get an error when trying to play anything.

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