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Ultimate PS4/Xbox One Headset? G4me Zero Review

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  1. New video! Is this the Ultimate PS4/Xbox One Headset? G4me Zero Gaming
    Headset Review! Be sure to share and RT!

  2. Great review like how you went for the Doritos. 

  3. I don’t know how people can eat chips and play games I tried it but I don’t
    want my hand to be Greasy and all 

  4. lol dude took a dorito like sonic I ain’t even see his hand 

  5. Can this work for Xbox 360 too?

  6. what is the difference between the G4ME ZERO and the previous PC360 model?
    I own a pair of PC360’s, and use them with a Mixamp Pro and a MS adapter
    for Xbox One, and most of my friends say they can never hear me. Is there
    anything new in the this model that would address this issue?

  7. hello +UrAvgConsumer what amplifier did you use? and did the mic work with
    the amp?

  8. Wow, nearly 250,000 subs man, that’s crazy. I’ve followed since you were at
    500. It’s incredible how much you’ve grown. Aaah, maybe someday…

  9. Can you take off the Mic for when your just listening to music?

  10. I love how popular you have become. I’m glad to say I was among the first
    10,000 people to watch your videos. Keep it up!

  11. your reviews are the best

  12. Does any one know if I can control game volume with or without any external
    devices when used on the Xbox One?

    I want a solid game and chat combo so any feedback would be greatly

  13. Will these work for 360?

  14. chronic604production

    These are 7.1 right? Is it 7.1 on Xbox One? I have the Turtle Beach XO
    Seven’s I know they aren’t 7.1 & there not considered the greatest
    headphones but I got them 60% off… Would I notice a huge difference with

  15. Fede Gagliardi

    First of all I know they’re quite different, but if you had to choose one
    and only one between these and the M50x, which one would it be?

    Great videos BTW, good channel.

  16. Martin Ahlander

    difference between sennheiser Zero and pc 363D?

  17. I know these are stereo headset
    Can I use a astro mixamp to get 7.1 surround sound from these headset?

  18. Phalanx Gaming

    I love these, I stupidly bought Astro a50s and I get made fun of all the
    time for my mic sounding horrid, I WANT A PAIR NOW!

  19. How did you connect your headphones on PS4? I haven’t got the adapter for
    ps4 so I cannot use the mic yet,but I connected via the controller but at
    MAX volume I can hear 10% of the headphones capability. I have a
    professional audio card on my PC and they rock, but I bought them for my
    PS4 and I tried anything. My volume is on MAX on everything but is still
    not enough… as I can barely hear in most of the games… 🙁

    The adapter will arrive in a few days but I do not think that will help me
    in any way to hear the sounds on a higher volume… For example in Switch
    Galaxy Ultra the volume is decent at most but in the Last of Us I can
    barely hear anything that happens around me…

    Do I need to buy an amp for them as well? If this is the case, I will just
    return them and buy Sony’s wireless headset for PS4 instead, as I do not
    want to stay near me while I am playing with 100 other extra devices just
    to play a game and have fun… I am pretty disappointing about this because
    everybody is complaining about it but this issue is not addressed in any
    review (included yours) over the internet… and I could not find anything
    about it on Sennheiser website as well…

    BTW 1+ sub

  20. can you get 7.1 out of the ps4 controller? I know the usb and optical can
    but idk.

  21. +UrAvgConsumer Hi man! Great video! I play on xbox one, would you
    reccommend these over the Turtle Beach Stealth x500?

    In terms of comfort, soundquality, immersion etc.


  22. I’m wanted to pick these up or the second generation astro a50. Which one
    would you recommend?

  23. Footballislove Footballislife

    If I used this on my xb1 with the adapter would I be able to hear game
    audio through the headset? Or just voice chat?

  24. Just to let you know if you use a amp as intended the bass is pretty heavy
    and tight everything sounds better

  25. Bryce Armstrong

    Best go to reviewer!!

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