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Miyamoto Says Nintendo Is Working On A New Console! (Wii U)

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  1. Rule of 2 Review

    So Miyamoto has now discussed the fact that Nintendo is working on early
    ideas for their NEXT next-generation machine. Here are my thoughts and
    theories, but what do YOU guys think?

  2. Always look forward to your videos man!

  3. Love your videos. Completely agree with what you have to say man

  4. When Miyamoto speaks we must listen.

  5. Iconic_Philosopher

    I think nintendo next console should take ideas from the GameCube wii & wii
    U and put it all together and make this power house next gen console that
    have a simular feature like remote play and be backward compatible with the
    Wii & Wii U….lol aww man that would so dope imo

  6. My son loves super smash bros.

  7. I’m hoping for a wearable console. VR Zelda anyone?

  8. Mad Chill Gaming

    Great video man, keep up the good work!

  9. I really think it´s too earlier! I mean it´s ok if they´re already working
    on the new console, that´s not weird but a lot of people may understand the
    messange as “We´re quiting on Wii U” I know that´s not the case with all
    those awesome games for 2015 but sometimes the gamer comunity loves drama! 

  10. Last I heard Sony and Microsoft both said they’re not gonna be making
    anymore consoles at all, ever again, Xbox One and PS 4 is it, so i do
    believe they’re probably heading in the app/stream/cloud direction…but I
    don’t know, could have heard wrong or be talking out of my ass.

  11. joseph Friesinger

    its coming out in 2019

  12. Total Impact Gaming

    I hope it’s gets 3rd party support.

  13. Fall 2015 wii u system new hand hold. , big hard drive like 64gb or 128gb. 

  14. ActivesiN Gaming

    I hope that for their next console, they talk to the 3rd party devs and use
    an architecture that they want to use like x86 or whatever, so it would be
    easier for them to port games, since that is their biggest hurdle with the
    Wii U

  15. Dual Gamepad support please. Idk what kind of new controller they’ll make,
    but I’m excited for when that’ll finally get announced. New consoles always
    get me hype. I think Playstation and Xbox might make one more box, I have
    my doubts that Nintendo would ever stop making boxes. Nintendo consoles are
    basically their toy boxes and they love them more than any fan ever could.
    Maybe business demands will one day force their hands, but I see them
    pushing against that for as long as they possibly can. My only question is,
    will Nintendo ever get the VR bug? Now that’s something I’d love to see. I
    like the idea of 3rd person VR games and platformers, even sidescrollers,
    and I feel like Nintendo could do something amazing with that, especially
    thinking about Zelda VR, I mean, who wouldn’t wanna see that

  16. Awesome and perfect video bro keep up the good work!

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