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NEW Nintendo 3DS – Hands-on Review – Does it suck?

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  1. Its things like these that discourages me from being an early adopter. The
    only time it benefited to be one of the first is for Wii and PS3 for their
    backwards compatibility 

  2. How come the abxy buttons don’t seem to be in the SNES colours? 

  3. I’m ordering one of these from Australia at launch, because Australia is a
    PAL region there region locking will fail to stop me playing UK games,
    therefore I can feel smug in that I have the new 3ds before any of my
    friends over here in the UK, hahahahahha

  4. UltimateGrobanite

    Of course they would release a new 3DS not even a year after I get my 3DS.

  5. I agreed with you with naming the unit ‘Super 3DS’, but I realized people
    would think the difference is as big as the NES to the SNES; this is not a
    “future-gen” console, but it is a revision of the current 3DS consoles…
    just that its a ‘new’ model.. :/

    Oh well…

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  7. how about simply calling it “nintedo 3DS 2”?

  8. 狐健 kitsune ken

    i actually almost bought the “old” 3ds as i got confused about when they
    said NEW i thought just brand new not something you’d find in the name of
    the console itself. So i just bought the PS Vita to avoid confusion :p the
    Sim one!

  9. Why not put the stick in the center of the four buttons? . . Seems like it
    could work great!

  10. When I was at PAX Aus trying out the N3DS the 3D was actually glitching out
    on me for one of the consoles, specifically when I was playing Mario Kart
    7, like the tracking feature wasn’t working properly and it made it seem
    like it was tracking your eyes cross-eyed. It’s put me off from buying a
    N3DS until I know why that would have happened as it was impossible to play
    with the 3D on at that time. 

  11. So 1 question did it enhance the graphics in any way?

  12. TrizollinTehWorld

    Nintendo just tries to make the worst name possible for their products now
    haha. Who the hell thought it was a good idea to call it the “New 3DS?”
    Come on Nintendo! Get some smarter people to name your products. Super 3DS
    would have been perfect Blunty.

  13. We could call it the NDS. like how people used NES. if it works we can make
    it easier. Maybe? please? 

  14. It should have been known as the Super 3DS and not the ‘New’ 3ds

  15. You got to play Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. I’m super jealous right now.
    Didn’t even know it was gonna have a demo there…

  16. Even though we used to have a Moa which would DWARF your Emu’s……;3

  17. Is the new 3ds xl bigger then the 3ds xl?

  18. Hey Blunty! When you do hopefully get your own “New” 3DS, some games i’d
    really love to see you test out with the C Stick are Resident Evil, Metal
    Gear Solid 3D, and Moon Chronicles. Since Australia (to my knowledge) is
    not getting Xenoblade Chronicles for a few months, I thought those games
    would be great for testing since they are all compatible with the Circlepad
    Pro (it has been confirmed that the “New” 3DS does in fact register the
    extra buttons and C Stick as a Circlepad Pro).

  19. Super 3DS is definitely the BEST name anyone could have thought of.

    How do you think the face detection camera will fare at night? I like to
    play my 3DS in the dark.. alone.. in my cave.. away from any kind of social

  20. Too bad we have to wait until 2015. I guess I’ll play on my dslite until
    then xD

  21. that looks pretty sick

  22. I would call it 3Ds enhanced 

  23. can’t wait to get this. it’s been a disappointment that the 3d part of a
    system called the 3ds, it’s biggest selling point, hasn’t worked. i love
    the 3d, but like everyone else, it’s not practical when playing most games.
    so i can’t wait to get this and finally have the 3d work properly

  24. I agree on super 3ds

  25. oh cunty why do you torture me ..i want this in US so bad

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