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Review: Sony PSP E-1004

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  1. Psp e1004 is the best

  2. I have a psp 3006 and it has wifi and is better than the e 1004 model but I
    am not a bad person and I like your video.

  3. Stupid blazing pheonix and oscar bryan.

  4. I have a white street E-1004 :D

  5. Tejas Gokakakar


  6. yea…..great HD …LOL

  7. Sweet 🙂

  8. TheTalkingTomVids

    Seriously! dude This guy is a big sucka’ and a big loser! And that indian
    thing proves that you are a big fag idiot too i mean who cares that you are
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  9. i don’t get what i am looking for you must learn how to review any product

  10. Is bettery removable or not

  11. Tejas Gokakakar

    barthe z i will get you kicked out of the world SUCKER U POOR DUMB FELLOW

  12. parr ki dhull

  13. OG-The great Builds

    Is this a fake psp

  14. TheTalkingTomVids

    No battery is not removable

  15. Vishnu Thankachan

    C’mon bro.. U did this already…

  16. Ligita Staskeviciene


  17. your as gay as shit

  18. dont worry of bad comments.for me ur video was perfect ,for what i was
    searching for

  19. Suck my dick with ur psp and your IMAGINARY hd film. Fuck you indian,
    stupid accent go train a snake or smth , fucker !!

  20. i am an indian

  21. TheTalkingTomVids

    This guy’s a bigger sucka’ he has made 4 channels including i think
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  22. you should not be so rude with indians.as i and shikar are indians

  23. u suck dude

  24. WTF dude

  25. Is its battery removable or not?

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