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Full Nintendo DS Lite Review [HD]

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  1. Super Little Boy 2

    Speaking of DS LITE, what about ideas of the DS LITE color matching?
    I start.

    Crimsom and Black
    With White Case

  2. dude,are u sick or something? lol jk great video btw!

  3. Never heard of the game.com?it was first to have a touch screen,but You
    probably have by now.

  4. dude why are you saying bad words.

  5. WRONG! The game.com by tiger electronics was the first touchscreen handheld.

  6. @DCF363 *deletes a few videos* Now its the first 😉

  7. wow that thing is a fuckin’ fingerprint magnet! Gonna get myself a
    crimson/black with crystal case!

  8. I have a cobalt blue ds lite. I prefer it over my 3 ds

  9. Ds are for gay

  10. A Past Viewer

  11. XXCaptainspikeXX

    what’s arese

  12. Review the ps3

  13. That was what she said HAHAHAHA

  14. Instead of telling me about your voice you should of warned me about your
    filthy language.

  15. me 2, it sounds better than all mi others

  16. Funny office moment. : D

  17. get this shity brightness of my eyes

  18. Shut up Ana kantenk


  20. i love the ds lite

  21. how about now?

  22. I have dsi XL, 3ds, psp go, psp 3k, and ps1-3… but still… nothing beats
    the DS LITE…!!!! ROCK ON DUDE!

  23. ds lite or dsi ?? the ds lite have longer battery life which i like

  24. HD my arse!

  25. why is always super bitch ass mario man

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