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Haze PlayStation 3 Review – Video Review

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  1. because of this game timesplitters and free radical are gone *manly one eye

  2. I feel like this game received too much hate because of its hype but it had
    high potential if it were made correctly.

  3. If you stumble across this game, get it. Haze is a bunch of fun and it’s
    amazing for the price. The price of Haze is down to $1.00 and I highly
    suggest getting it :)

  4. It’s no Timesplitters, but I had a lot of fun playing this.

  5. I got this game for free. Looks good enough to have a play through.

  6. Virtuously .Selfish


  7. Vilmundur Gunnarsson

    hey, at least the Korn song was pretty good

  8. This game was IMO a lot of fun. It was one of my first ps3 games. It was
    before I was picky like I am now. Amazing concept and a look towards the
    possible future of warfare. Would be cool it someone could redo this game.

  9. Perfect dark took home the victory! Not a big victory per say but, still
    getter than this game..

  10. This game had potential, really. It’s just how the devs executed it that
    failed horribly. I think Sony, or an Indie developer, should revive this

  11. cristian elizondo

    This is actually one of my fav games. Always will be

  12. Normally I don’t like to argue with reviews because everyone is entitled to
    their own opinion. However, it feels like reviews have become based too
    much on the story and graphics when what it should be based on is how fun
    it is to play, that’s the point of a game right? I spent many many hours on
    this game a few years ago and it is definitely in my top 10 of all time,
    mainly because it was so fun; I especially enjoyed the split screen on-line
    feature which I feel should be included in a lot more games. That’s my

  13. They should revive this franchise, a better plot & gameplay mechanics could
    make it a better PS exclusive shooter series compared to Killzone. Maybe
    Sony should buy it out. I really like the concept just not the execution

  14. is this game worth getting if i find it

  15. Jonathan Sharp

    I got it for 99p

  16. Los Santos Transit

    i loved haze and i have still got my launch edition 

  17. XLeThAlSkILLzX

    this game isn’t perfect at all but this review is so incorrect the part
    where he complains about the way the mantel soldiers acting like jar heads
    and Shane acting different is actually the best plot device this game uses
    did he even finish the game before this review seriously poor review

  18. I bought the game yesterday for $2.99 worth every penny lol

  19. Oh my goodness this reviewer sounds uncomfortable the entire time.

  20. And thus Playstation trolls were born 

  21. Jordan Berglund

    I actually enjoy the simplicity of the game. I go back to it from time to
    time to and sure it’s not the greatest. But it is fun. 

  22. This game did have shitty effects but, all it needs is either DLC Or a
    bigger step like Haze II or a spinoff. Either way it could be better.

  23. Ferdinand Salazar

    What bullshit. Reach and Halo 4 were both critically acclaimed.

  24. twopinacoladas

    Apparently the game never even ran on the PS3 and Ubisoft struck the deal
    with Sony for an exclusive in exchange for some marketing money late in
    development which Free Radical didn’t see any of and I don’t believe got
    put to use. There were also problems with their new engine that they
    invested in the wrong technology. They apparently were doing more
    impressive lighting and way more effects with their TimeSplitters engine
    after haze than with their new engine developed for Haze it self.

  25. I liked this game even today i like it was really good you just have to
    keep in mind it takes four to five years to make a good game and this one
    was probably in development for ps2 then bumped to ps3

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