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XBOX ONE Controller – First Impressions + Review & PC Compatibility Test (360 & PS4 Comparison)

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  1. why is there no PS3 controller in this.
    there’s a 360 controller. i mean ok, it’s an xbox review.. but then why is
    there a PS4 controller.

  2. He does know Microsoft has drivers you have to get for the controller then
    he can use it

  3. fuck you xbox one controller one thing ps4 is better xbox is a okay console
    but the ps4 is more powerful

  4. Angel Varela Faroppa


  5. it’s just seriously pathetic that the XBox One controller still requires AA
    i mean, wow! that’s so pathetic.

  6. nick ima tell you why i love you no homo. you actually upload what we want
    to see like the simple shit this is something i want to see and i only
    believe your word because you are the best
    P.S i love xbox and im geting the xbox one i dont like ps4 but thats my
    opinion besides that keep making vids like this nick

  7. Michael Jacobs

    I love how professional these videos are. Always very impressive stuff. 

  8. UntrainableWizard

    That was actually the first video that was helpful. Thanks : )

  9. drivers are out for the xbone controller now

  10. Francisco Velasco

    Awww man I would so buy the controller for the new road if it worked for
    PC. Love your work tetraninja thanks

  11. Lloyd Franklin

    The PC drivers are in the works and due for release in 2014. 

  12. what that guy didnt tell you is the USB is ONLY for charging it don’t
    connect to a pc that way you need a wireless adapter/dongle

  13. would like to see some bf4 xbone multiplayer plz! Also, are you going to
    get halo 5?

  14. i was going to get a xbone controller for my PC but thought if i get it for
    my PC then why would i even buy a xbone in the first place.

  15. It amazes me that these tech gurus haven’t just tried to pair the Xbox ONE
    controller with a Xbox 360 dongle that comes with the wireless controller
    as a pair for PCs.

  16. very good review.. got my answer wich i was looking for

  17. one question, can xbox one controller work for pc if i have a usb microsoft
    gaming receiver? i use this to play games wireless with my xbox 360
    controller, will it work on xbox one ? have you tried it?

  18. I don’t have an Xbox One yet, but I would have bought a controller to
    replace my 360 controller for the PC, due to a failed D pad. Because of
    that, I am either going to buy a PS4 or Wii U Pro controller now, which
    ever one hackers get to work on and recognized as a 360 controller first.
    Way to fail, Microsoft. 

  19. man I wish Microsoft would release Xbox One controller drivers soon! I’m a
    big fighting game junkie and I love the feel of the Xbox controllers!

  20. Great impressions Nic. This controller looks nice.

  21. Microsoft has said that it will be supported on PC in the coming months but
    just not at launch.

  22. AssassinOnAcid

    10/10 should do another office tour

  23. I have the Wireless Xbox 360 controller for Windows, and it comes with a
    receiver. Better try the controller for Xbox one with that, maybe it will
    work, since it already installed drivers to your computer.

  24. Holy monitors!

  25. just the answer which i needed ign predicted that it may be compatible in

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