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CGR Undertow – NOSTALGIA review for Nintendo DS

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  1. I forgot this reviewer’s name, but I think he’s the best reviewer here at
    CGR Undertow. His reviews seem far more objective, and a lot less abrasive,
    than something like Derek’s reviews. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Derek’s a
    solid dude and all. It’s just that all the fanboyisms he displays,
    alongside the constant forced humor, really doesn’t work for me. I prefer
    these laid back reviews that don’t really have an agenda, other than
    informing you. Party on, dude whose name I forgot.

  2. did you guys know that TJ is married to a black guy?

  3. i dont think the ds has enough rpg games. more! more!

  4. I wanted to play this ever since I saw an ad for it in a gaming magazine.

  5. This is a great game, Definately one of the best RPG’s i’ve played in a
    long time, I hope it gets a Wii U VC release. I’d buy it.

  6. Your father is Doc Brown o.o Did you check the west in the of the US in
    1885 or 1930’s-1985? you would have an easier time finding this man in
    chrono trigger rather then this :3 XD

  7. I liked this game, Melody was my favorite character. 😀 Great review,

  8. London was a small JRPG town in Uncharted Waters: New Horizons. In fact
    this game somewhat vaguely reminds me of it. As far as what you said about
    the towns having different types of music.

  9. I really wanted to play it. You had me at airship battles. 

  10. It looks ready on the Ds!

  11. you should do a review for Avalon Code, that is also a great DS RPG!

  12. It kinda looks like Evolution:Worlds but except you can fight using a blimp?

  13. Nostalgia earns their title :D

  14. where’s derek? i don’t like this guy. i don’t know why but whatever he says
    just seems to go out one ear and out the other. like i just totally forget
    what he just said.

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