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CGR Undertow – NOSTALGIA review for Nintendo DS

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  • Feel the adrenaline rush of dealing with non-stop medical emergencies as you live the life of a young, motivated doctor!
  • Interact and communicate with staff and patients that you meet throughout the game - review and discuss patients' medical records, ask questions as you diagnose patients' problems and resolve volatile personal conflicts before they boil over!
  • Find out what it is really like to juggle your personal affairs with the demanding lifestyle of a medical intern!
  • Examine, diagnose and operate on patients using the unique stylus and touch-screen features of the Nintendo DS to perform actual medical techniques and use medical instruments - take auscultation, pulse rates, incisions, sutures and many more!
  • Play a variety of mini-games as the story unfolds!
Surgical Unit is an original, exciting game for the DS that allows you to experience what it's like to be a top doctor in one of the best hospitals around. Just like on television, you'll be continuously confronted with interpersonal issues between you and your staff and you'll need to resolve them as quickly and professionally as possible. Of couse, you'll also have the opportunity to operate on those who need your help the most. By using the DS touchscreen, you'll be able to communicate with,

List Price: $ 19.99 Price: $ 14.01


  1. I forgot this reviewer’s name, but I think he’s the best reviewer here at
    CGR Undertow. His reviews seem far more objective, and a lot less abrasive,
    than something like Derek’s reviews. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Derek’s a
    solid dude and all. It’s just that all the fanboyisms he displays,
    alongside the constant forced humor, really doesn’t work for me. I prefer
    these laid back reviews that don’t really have an agenda, other than
    informing you. Party on, dude whose name I forgot.

  2. did you guys know that TJ is married to a black guy?

  3. i dont think the ds has enough rpg games. more! more!

  4. I wanted to play this ever since I saw an ad for it in a gaming magazine.

  5. This is a great game, Definately one of the best RPG’s i’ve played in a
    long time, I hope it gets a Wii U VC release. I’d buy it.

  6. Your father is Doc Brown o.o Did you check the west in the of the US in
    1885 or 1930’s-1985? you would have an easier time finding this man in
    chrono trigger rather then this :3 XD

  7. I liked this game, Melody was my favorite character. 😀 Great review,

  8. London was a small JRPG town in Uncharted Waters: New Horizons. In fact
    this game somewhat vaguely reminds me of it. As far as what you said about
    the towns having different types of music.

  9. I really wanted to play it. You had me at airship battles. 

  10. It looks ready on the Ds!

  11. you should do a review for Avalon Code, that is also a great DS RPG!

  12. It kinda looks like Evolution:Worlds but except you can fight using a blimp?

  13. Nostalgia earns their title :D

  14. where’s derek? i don’t like this guy. i don’t know why but whatever he says
    just seems to go out one ear and out the other. like i just totally forget
    what he just said.

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