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Duck Hunt Wii U Virtual Console Review – NintenJoe Direct

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  1. Very few light gun like games for the wii have calibration so you can aim
    down the sight and shoot (as long as you don’t change position) why don’t
    Nintendo add this feature to all of them? It’s not fun aiming with a wonky
    cross hair. ;(…

  2. Nathan Eldridge

    Did you test 2nd player duck controls by chance? i’m sure it still works,
    but I’m curious…

  3. That dog still gives me nightmares.

  4. This brings back so many memories! I’m old enough to remember getting the
    NES Action Set when the Zapper was still grey. I still remember the first
    night we got our system, spending most of the time sitting directly in
    front of our old, wood grain, floor model television playing Duck Hunt with
    the tip of the Zapper tapping against the glass of the screen.

    Good times!

  5. You could try a pistol-grip for the Wii Remote instead of the Wii Zapper
    and see if that feels more natural. I know there’s a lot of third party
    ones out there.

  6. I have a Wii controller casing that is shaped so it is like you are holding
    a zapper. But I bet the aiming would still be off a little. Can’t beat the

  7. I so want this!
    Where were you at Magfest? Didn’t see you at the RWTV table! Was looking
    forward to meeting up. 

  8. first lol. good review dude. i been thinking of getting this

  9. I have my Wii (I don’t have a Wii U yet, so I still have my launch day Wii)
    softmodded loaded up with SNES and NES emulators. After playing Super Scope
    6 using my Wiimote via said emulator, I’m convinced that Nintendo should
    re-release most/all of their lightgun/Super Scope games on the Wii U with a
    new ‘zapper’ shell that promotes one-handedness since the Wiimote and it’s
    sensor bar makes SS6 actually kinda fun compared to trying to play it on an
    actual SNES with the Super Scope (although my lack of a gun/zapper shell
    and use of a crosshair makes those games A LOT easier, but I can only
    imagine how it feels using a shell with no crosshair to feel more

    Actually, have you tried the Nyko Perfect Shot with Duck Hunt? I remember
    when it came out, a lot of people preferred it over the Wii Zapper. So, I
    would assume that would be the best gun shell to use for something like
    Duck Hunt. But, since they’re not in production anymore, part of me thinks
    that they might be somewhat sought after and, even worse, expensive to get.

  10. 0:22 That isn’t how you use the word “synonymous”. Nobody picks looks at a
    Zapper and says, “Oh look, a Duck Hunt!”.

    Get an twelve year old to proof read your scripts in future.

  11. what about level 100 did nintendo fix that?

  12. one thing aswell that you can’t experience with the wiimote even if they
    put in the sound is that wonderful click when you pull the trigger on the
    actual zapper, that tactile feedback really sets it apart from most other
    light guns i’ve experienced.

  13. Hopefully hogans alley is next!

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