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HP Pavilion 17 Gaming Laptop Unboxing Video Review

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  1. ValanceGamingHD

    Hey Guys, I just wanted to let you all know that I am currently editing a
    video that should be up in a few days, so be on the look out for that! (:

  2. Jahmali Kenway

    Can this laptop handle LoL, cs:go, mc, ps2 and bf4 at high settings 50-60
    fps? Please respond :)

  3. Is this a good school computer

  4. PrototypeTheGamingHell

    Is it HP Pavilion 17-f019no cuz that comes with 8gb ram…

  5. What’s the newest game that will run well on this laptop. By “well” I mean
    at least 30 FPS on low-medium graphic settings. :)

  6. im gonna buy this computer as my b day gift


  7. The Nash Nobley Show

    You really need a camera stand 

  8. u need at least 8gb of ram for games

  9. This will run dayz, only expect to get like 30-40fps, on low settingd too.
    Also yes this will run garrys mod but again around 60 fps

  10. Brennen Allbright

    Can this Run dayz standalone at least medium graphics

  11. Hey guys I need any laptop around 500-600 dollars that can run minecraft at
    least 60 fps on high settings but I want something that can play
    multiplayer at least 60fps as well. Thanks!

  12. Can this run minecraft smoothly and how many frames do you think it will
    run Toshiba Jet Black 17.3″ Satellite C75D-B7215 Laptop PC with AMD A8-6410
    Quad-Core Processor, 8GB Memory, 1TB Hard Drive and Windows 8.1

  13. Will it run gta 5 PC having trouble on my pavilion HP a lot of lag it won’t
    load all the way but it will play 

  14. It can handle Cs:Go right??

  15. Miska Karjalainen

    Can this computer handle space engineers? Or how many fps on BF3 ? :)

  16. Can this thing play h1z1? Or csgo

  17. TheMexiChannel

    Can you play team fortress 2 on it?

  18. This computer sucks it only has 4 GB ram and the processor is bad becuse
    minecraft is dependable on he CPU

  19. Hey! I was wondering that is this the laptop that you bought?

    Because this one had the same settings as the one i saw!

  20. Not a gameing computer will proform like one this is just a mainstreem

  21. I want to buy this laptop! One question: Is it good when you want to play
    games on it?

  22. How do u get so much money

  23. Alexplayscelticheros

    So i built a pc and it took a while but for 700$ i got
    Gtx 750
    8 gigs of ram
    3.5gigahertz processer
    This gets 30-45 fps battle field 4 on high
    Modded skyrim for good graphics 90 fps
    Minecraft optifine lowest settings for Lols 700 fps!!!!!!!

  24. Brennen Allbright

    Can this run day z standalone at least medium graphics

  25. hmm, this dosen’t look good at all, I mean a new computer should be SUPER
    fast? 😛

    //A mac fan, that wan’t to try a windows

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