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CGRundertow – KATAMARI FOREVER for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review

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  1. well the good thing about this game , is that level where u start with a
    3mt katamari , and in the end u roll planets on the space.
    Being so tiny , to be bigger than the sun itself.

  2. Keirone Woodgate

    @Emogeta No its much worse than that!

  3. i dont get it? you just roll a ball around the whole game? lol

  4. Great review!

  5. they changed the graphics and now they suck

  6. Jen wants more balls

  7. 240p owns!


  9. What a time to upload this review, I’m expecting this game to come in the
    post soon. 🙂

  10. This game is why I want a PS3…

  11. I guess both Beautiful Katamari and Katamari Forever started a new trend of
    every console having its own Katamari game.

  12. What the fuck happened?!

  13. Khaiyme Phoenix

    3 people dont like katamari

  14. Bah, Why can’t katamari come to the PC?

  15. @TheUltraDude There are a few graphical filters you can cycle through,
    including the original.

  16. 0:35 That’s what she said.

  17. i know it looks silly, but i’ve tried katamary damacy for ps2 and it’s just
    amazing, it’s a puzzle game you have to be fast, and the hilarious way you
    start to collect everything, and i mean EVERYTHING. In one you even gather
    countries and clouds and shat.. even planets.

  18. Daniel Callahan

    @thorterra if only the good kind

  19. I don’t really care for the high graphics. In the end, HD graphics just
    lets you see the squareness of things all the more clearly. Graphics was
    never really supposed to be the focus of Katamari in the first place,
    anyways. ._.

  20. @TheUltraDude Who are you talking to?

  21. D: Y U NO 360P? BUT 480? is available wtf

  22. They took it off the store I was guna buy it :*(

  23. Do it. She did a great review. But like every level has like 4 different
    modes. There is also like 50 something cousins to collect and so many more
    gifts then you can shake a stick at. I think you can get this game for like
    15 bucks. So worth it.

  24. @TheUltraDude You don’t know a thing about this game, do you? One of the
    main advertisement points when it came out was that it not only featured
    the regular visual style, but also included a few more stylized ones. So
    yes, you can play in the old look, or one of the new ones.

  25. IT fun to see your self grow.

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