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Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.9.0 Update Review iOS / Android / Kindle / Fire TV

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  1. It’s live, just gotta wait for that HD to catch up – MCPE 0.9.0 In-Depth
    Review – Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.9.0 Update Review #mcpe090

  2. MinecraftPE Fanatic

    You really got everything! Great job all the other mcpe youtubers
    surprisingly leave things out or pronounce stuff Wong when it comes to the
    new blocks. So great job!

  3. Where is the moshroom island

  4. gabriel garcia

    Amazon fire tv! Plz.

  5. Flutter Crafter

    Wolves suck and endermen suck and silverfish suck and slimes suck

  6. Benjamin Brooks

    I found a chest in my world along with four different villages. Im likin
    the update

  7. The silverfish bug looks disgusting but like jojo said its still got a lot
    of bugs in it 

  8. The Cool Gamer rx

    hey guys im going to a video on minecraft pocket edition,the amazing
    spiderman and terraria and stuff like that and please check it out and
    subscribe to my channel.

  9. It’s pronounced tye-ga not tye-a-ga

  10. nascar hotwheelscupseries

    Hey man would u know if I would have to delete mcpe off my kindle to get
    the update and redownload it?

  11. Does anyone else have the bug were you cant spawn the new mobs with the
    spawn eggs in creative?
    Because its really annoying.
    And also how do you fix it

  12. Where do I find silverfish and villagers in survival

  13. Joseph Plays Games

    Sliver fish work fine on my ipad 4 

  14. JChristianson15

    I wish they’d add sprinting

  15. Hi jojopet i got this update for my iPad 2 a few days ago but today it just
    will not work! I cant load any worlds or create new ones without lagging
    out and i have everything in my settings turned down to its lowest level.
    Do u have any ideas on why this could be happening?

  16. Is there going to be a close update when they fix all the bugs ???

  17. Oztech9 Gaming

    100th Like! 

  18. The Emerald Apple


  19. teamairflowfreerunning

    I watch lots of mcpe youtubers but your the only youtuber who doesn’t leave
    out the features good video Jojopet. Is epic

  20. Donovan Shavis

    When will Kindle fire update Minecraft?

  21. Hey man could you keep making those dope black light retribution

  22. FutureTrickshotz


  23. Great vid . I have a question tho does any one know why but ever since i
    updated minecraft on my iphone it wont let me play the app would either
    freeze or crash ? Does anyone know why ??

  24. And the link?

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