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Polk 4 Shot Review & Mic test: Xbox One

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  1. Just picked up a pair of these for 80 bucks today! Im looking forward to
    using them!!!

  2. Just picked up for 60$ on Black Friday can’t wait to try it out!!

  3. I’m looking at getting these, only con I see is the leather, my bose
    headphones have leather ear pads and headband and after a lot of use it
    tears, the ear pads you can replace but the headband you can’t as far as
    I’m aware. The headband doesn’t get totally wrecked like the pads do or at
    least it takes an extreme amount more time but you’ll see it

  4. The pro gaming mic that came with mine stopped working lol 

  5. Got a 4shot black friday for $60 it came with a polk branded or mic so the
    pop out mic is obsolete. Sounds awesome 5 stars 

  6. Michael Sanders


  7. Shaun Marshall

    When an talking to my friend they say am really low just because of where
    the mic is is there anyway I can get it louder for then to hear me

  8. This is a fucking joke!!!!!

  9. Anyone notice when your in party chat your friends say they hear echo?

  10. No in game audio wtf?!

  11. HomeskooledVideo

    Doesn’t anyone understand that the XBOX ONE has an internal DSP that takes
    surround sound and mixes it for 3D positional audio over stereo headphones
    and outputs it UNCOMPRESSED over WiFi Direct to the XO controller?

    When I use my Polks on my 360 I use an inline DSP that converts DD5.1 to
    3D positional audio and when I use them on my XO it uses the internal DSP .

    The end result is you hear SURROUND SOUND just like any other “virtual
    surround” headset on the market like Astro or Turtle Beach.

    Hope that clears up some confusion for you guys.

  12. WHY ARENT THEY FULLY WIRELESS. as in why do they still have to connect to
    the controller THATS NOT WIRELESS. will they ever change this plz help

  13. For 60 bucks? I’m not complaining! 

  14. Wont let me talk in multiplayer…. But other wise its good. BUT STILL

  15. thanks, im probably going to get these now. subed as well

  16. I’m having a little trouble if somebody can help. I bought the xbox 360
    version of this headset (polk melee) and it came with the xbone adapter. I
    got an xbone now, but i cant seem to figure out the setup. how to i relay
    the sound from the dsp thing to my controller/headset? i could do that on
    the 360 since they have the cable for it, but it is not usable on the xbone

  17. The sound is OK. The Xbox headset sounds so much better.

  18. they have an update for the polk 4 shot coming soon……says it is an xbox
    issue and not a mic issue………can you redo the review when they do the

  19. Is it surround sound!?

  20. Logitech G430 blows these out of the water.


    It sounds like you’re talking through a pillow in the mic test lol. Any way
    nice review overall.

  22. polk 4 shot, Atlas, or XO7???

  23. ExclusiveSigma

    I have xbox one and waiting for all these software updates to fix shit is
    pissing me off. They already had it right on the 360

  24. Someone answer my question here. Can either the Polk 4-Shot or Turtle Beach
    XO Seven play all the game audio through the headset like a Turtle Beach
    would last generation WITHOUT needing any wires to go from the console to
    the headset. I know a wire is needed to connect to the controller to the
    headset, but are any needed to connect to the headset to the Xbox One

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