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Xbox 360 Slim Review

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  1. super loud intro music. then quiet speech. super annoying.

  2. IshaAndAbuShow

    The xbox 360 slim is amazing 

  3. Jared Armbruster

    If you feel the air coming out of the vent,it almost feels hot,but the rest
    of the console alnost feels cold. 

  4. Love your bass system i have one of those from altec lancing very nice

  5. we don’t need no new xbox. xbox 360 silm is doing a perfect job only one
    problem i’m short onn cash to but one.

  6. disc tray has more room in it. so if u took the xbox with a disc in it and
    shook it(not that i recommend u trying lol) you would be able to hear the
    disc move. thats why they say not to move while disc in tray. 🙂

  7. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  8. why did u put that stupid ass music in the beginning and end. smh

  9. Willstar ★ Bailey

    the song at 0:00 is called More by Usher.

  10. TheProductreviewsinc

    It came in 2009.

  11. carlos andres nuñez alvarado


  12. Mansour Nasser

    i have a 250gb + 2 games

  13. XBOX 360 slim much better bro, and it’s rarely get RDOD (red dot of death)
    not like older “FAT” Xbox that have higher chance to get RROD (red ring of

  14. if you want this for christmas thumbs up

  15. Great console.

  16. how is it copying it?

  17. you know if you kept your console running for 3 years it won’t overheat but
    360 get rrod from turning off and on the console so if i were you i keep my
    console running 24/7 not kidding it is a fact

  18. i reckon the older design looks better. The slims looks ugly as its design
    is to look bent at the front.

  19. Have you been smoking weed?

  20. just paid for 1 on amazon £158.99 and accidentely bought another controller
    and forgot that it already comes with 1.. kinda Awkward

  21. Boxingmaster Buddy

    I see where your coming from but i really don’t think the xbox 360 will die
    out fast. I actually believe if a new xbox was released it wouldn’t be that
    popular because everyone has already blown tonnes of money on the 360 and
    some people may even be getting one of these for christmas. I think
    microsoft should keep adding new features to the 360 and perhaps another
    console upgrade in a few years that is the xbox 360 but with an added bonus
    feature such as blu ray, just an example.

  22. That’s a huge f-bomb changed. I might get one. Does the disc tray gets
    stuck over time? Because the Elite version does get stuck and I wish it

  23. GreedAndSelfishness

    No stickers.Stickers dont matter to me at all.I want you to use common

  24. Jelmer Gunnink

    @thesupermarioalex If you would do a 360 you would be facing the console

  25. boo you xbox is copying sony

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