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Console Review: Zone 40 (wii clone) 2/2

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  1. Leighton Williams

    lol, sonic’s bumper sound in fencing.

  2. @XFile2708 Any day, I am a grave bugger lolol. I know that after putting
    this up then watching an Ashens video, I’ve thought of better ways to
    present this sort of system :o)

  3. Highretrogamelord

    @RetroGamerVX You’re welcome. 🙂

  4. @Highretrogamelord89 Hmm, Chintendo Vii, must look that bugger up, thanks

  5. @wrestletube1 Thanks wrestle, loads of info there I did not know about
    (music wise) I don’t think that nintendo consider these clones worth
    chasing after as I bet they don’t effect their sales :o)

  6. Mr. K Dilkington

    Galaxian? you mean Galaga? It looks the same as Galaga just better graphics
    and a different background

  7. I couldn’t believe some of the games you showed – the Sonic bumper SFX as
    the menu “chime” and that Hitting Mice game…DKC theme music and sprite
    plus Jerry! How did they get away with it? Clones are one thing but that…
    They definitely designed the actual console like a Wii, even though the
    specs weren’t up to standard. On a side note: I was really hoping you’d
    show Zuma just because I love that game. In any case, good review. 🙂

  8. So when do you fancy going back to Sedgefield Car Boot and explaining to
    the woman that this really wasnt a Wii…? …lol Great review matey –
    although the audio from the console is all over the bloody place… lol

  9. @PIXELKITSCH lol i had the ezi just to see wt it was like compared to the
    wii i took it back its terrible

  10. @CodeNameSnowstorm I was about to say that! Wth is with that.

  11. The names for the games are so random sounding. Here’s some titles that may
    work in the future: Butter Thief Angry Worm Tax Preparer Immobile Vagina

  12. @RPKGameVids Thanks RPK :o)

  13. @xTHExSTIGx Thanks Stiggy, yes, for what you pay for it, it’s not bad!!!.
    Yes, the green screen has taken quite a bit of tweeking to get it to work
    acceptably (as it’s painted on the wall, light reflections were a pain),
    but found the solutions and saved the settings in Vegas to get it right :o)
    Thanks for showing me the basics :o)

  14. This thing might be good for kids with whom you wouldn’t trust with a more
    expensive Wii. LOL… The Hitting Mice theme song is a ripoff of the Donkey
    Kong Country theme song. And the mouse looks exactly like Jerry from Tom &

  15. hmmm…these games look alot better than the ezi-games! …i think, if have
    to watch out for this clone!

  16. I like the nod to Galaga with the Bee fighter game, pity the music is too
    repetitive and the farm back ground is to happy, shoud’ve been a bee hive.

  17. Highretrogamelord

    @RetroGamerVX Same counts for the Chintendo Vii and the Famiclones…uhm, I
    think. 😛

  18. @atombat Yes, the Bee fighter game is interesting after many tipples :o)

  19. @GeekerDays Thanks Geeker, yes, must resist buying more stuff like
    this……now I need a viii lol

  20. @misterintellivision Thanks Mi, glad you like it :o)

  21. @johnnyjohnson Thanks johnny :o)

  22. @amurphy245 That’s what the whole console is about, stolen stuff :o)

  23. @wesley12106 Perhaps I did mean Galaga, sometimes, it’s hard to think
    infront of the camera :o)

  24. @RetroGamerVX lol, did I type grave bugger lol, I meant Brave bugger lol

  25. @Highretrogamelord89 There is nothing original on the console, mainly
    re-hashed. Although they have made some entertaining games through those
    re-hashes :o)

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