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Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1 – Playstation Vita Review {English, Full 1080p HD}

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  1. R3DPlaystationFilmer

    Around 40-60 hours depending how much you grind.

  2. Pretty fun game but the voice acting is gawdawful

  3. R3DPlaystationFilmer

    My Review for Hyperdimension Neptunia;Rebirth1 – PSV! #Rebirth
    #Hyperdimension #Neptune @TGNretweets #TGNArmy

  4. And Gets a PC release :3 rejoice

  5. Luchiano Mallett

    Aron Fitzgerald does a good job with Noire’s voice. 

  6. the PC version runs perfectly on a a4-3300(yes the discontinued) Llano CPU
    2.5Ghz not overclocked, 4GB ram with radeon r7 250(stock speed) @ 720p. if
    your PC has higher specs than mine you are good to go! but! i would not
    suggest a lower vid card than r7 250(r7 240 has noticable slowdowns) or
    integrated graphics the game is GPU intensive specially in dungeons. and
    yes USB generic controllers work! tip: enable win XP SP3 compatibility in
    EXE file if your game is crashing after battle.

  7. Saw it on a steam sale today half off so I watched your review and decided
    to pick it up. It’s been almost a decade since I’ve played any jrpgs but
    I’m looking forward to checking this out. The combat sounds fun.

  8. Cute sexy girls, boobs, what more does a guy need? :3

  9. I decide to check out the review after seeing this game is on sale right
    now. After looking at the gameplay, I found out Breath of Fire V was ahead
    of its time.

  10. Definitely Vert. Them Boobs ^_^ Personal favorite of all time :)

  11. I would like the game for my vita. And my favorite character is Vert cuz
    xbox :)

  12. xXDarkStarDragonXx

    i would like to win a copy, and my favorite character is purple heart
    because PURPLE IS POWER! XD

  13. If you use steam, they just released it and it’s on sale for $15 until Feb
    5th. Buy it.

  14. I’m watching this review a couple of months after playing this game and I
    have to say. Re;Birth 1 is the first Hyperdimension Neptunia game I’ve
    played and it’s easily made the series one of my favourite JRPG series by
    far. I’ve been tempted to try the series for years, but all I ever heard
    was how bad the gameplay was in the first 2 games so I was turned off. But
    with Re;Birth 1 I have no worries. Except that I’m missing out on the
    original story and some characters, but that’s not a big deal.

    Don’t bag the picture frames! They’re references to visual novels. Each
    enemy is a video game reference. It’s one of the things that makes the
    series so good. All the minor and subtle references to the video game
    industry. If you look at the dungeons, each is based on something related
    to that console. The most obvious would have to be Hyrarule Snowfield.

  15. A few things:
    – You can control all of the characters in the original. What I think you
    might have heard is that you couldn’t manually heal. The originally had a
    very unique item system in that you put points into something called item
    skills that would activate on their own when the right conditions have been
    met. The points you put in determined the percentage rate of the item
    activating when the conditions are actually met.
    There are different actions (take damage, switch, begin turn, end turn,
    attack, etc) with different determinants (health has to be less than X%,
    character has to have a status ailment, etc).
    For example, Neptune had an item skill called Nepbull. When she takes
    damage and her health falls under 50%, the item skill would activate to
    heal 30% of her health.
    It was replaced with a more traditional healing system from “MK2” onwards.
    – The reason why “Re;Birth1” wasn’t localized by NISA was because they no
    longer had the rights for it. Compile Heart is the company that made the
    game and their parent company Idea Factory opened an international branch
    called Idea Factory International. NISA, being the middle man of sorts, was
    cut out of the equation since they finally had their own localizing
    department. Ideal Factory International is the company that localized
    “Re;Birth1” and are even localizing “Re;Birth2”, which is set to release in
    the beginning of the next year.

  16. Just subscribed, this game looks really fun! I’ve never played a
    Hyperdimension game before and this one looks like the perfect one to start
    with. All of the characters look so adorable. I’m not sure if the giveaway
    is still going, but thought I’d comment anyway. Your videos all seem to be
    fantastic quality, keep them coming and I’ll definitely be watching. =)

  17. AngelMageKnight

    did they ever fix it where you can use healing items because I am going to
    be blunt that is a major turn off on playing when you can’t heal at your
    own will. 

  18. Bought this on a whim and I’m loving it so far. If you can get past the
    blatant loli fanservice it’s a pretty solid game.

  19. Hey there. Nice, I was hoping to find footage of the version in english.
    I would like to get the game. I find all the characters to be likeable –
    even the CFW “bad guy” – but I am happy about Nep being the main character.
    The voice they chose for her in the localization is *perfect*.

  20. Noire Black Heart

    Um ok I saw the description so um yes I want the game, favorite character
    is obviously my perfect girl Noire, just liked the video, and im already a
    subscriber. Ok I think thats everything.

  21. Your review convinced me to buy the game.

  22. the game refrences in this game holy shyt lol

  23. Good review. 

  24. Alexander Ando

    So you said its not just a port from the ps3 version, so is it safe to say
    this is the definitive version? Also does the vita version come with all
    dlc like how disgaea 3 and 4 did on the vita version?

  25. OveReAction Ten

    My favorite character? Ram! Coz I actually own a pink 3DS and Ram’s my

    Well, actually, my real pick is Plutia, coz she’s cuddly cute on the
    outside (as human form), helluvah hot on the inside as (HDD mode)!

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