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Sony PSP 3000+accessories unboxing!(Piano Black)

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  1. Awesome video and don’t mean to make fun of you or anything but you were
    holding the knife wrong :3

  2. Bunny Priyansh

    I want This 

  3. Sameer Khalifah

    That slang tho

  4. snick pick

  5. zermouq oussama

    2 words man f**k you 

  6. Izayah Ramirez

    I really what a psp I has a psvida and they break and they suck a lot of
    Psp yes XD
    Psvida no 

  7. Butrint Selmanii

    you’re holding the knife wrong HAHAHAHA

  8. My got robbed the next day after I brought it

  9. Sony PSP 3000+accessories unboxing!(Piano Black):

  10. I missed it

  11. Mr. Turtlelaser

    His voice

  12. Can u play with people online

  13. Why do these retards make boring vids, just get to the point..

  14. You Have A Spectacles ah……………..And Record With Nikon Camera 

  15. You got a STRAP nigga u like 8 quit thuggin’. LOL jk, chinese ass niqqa

  16. in unboxing u had failed my boy tried a lot bad bad bad

  17. I like it just ignore the bad comments, you did good. Watch omniomegaob for
    some tips, keep it up

  18. Nba 2k 30, wtf?

  19. Deslike

  20. meherban hussain

    So fliipin boring

  21. Bored I’m so boreddds

  22. Warriorpsvita Dones

    U know u can download psp games from the PSN store right?

  23. I liked it a little bit


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