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Classic Game Room HD – THE DARK SPIRE for Nintendo DS review

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  1. Atlus, you know us so well… :,D

  2. amazing music!

  3. the3spoonsOFsugar

    i want this game soooo badly 

  4. FizzyFlaskGaming

    This game looks awesome! <3

  5. George K. Grace

    Wow, this game looks awesome, it combines so many things a dungeon Crawler
    loves in a game.
    1. Old (80’s) and Very old (70’s) school pixelated graphics.
    2. Almost a Roguelike difficulty and appropiate lenght, atmosphere and
    3. Turn based action, which allow us take our time considering the risks of
    our actions.
    4. 8’bit-ish music to accompany your mysterious and perilous quest.
    5. Give us the chance to use our IMAGINATION!… Not many video game from
    this century can boast about such an accomplishment.

    ATLUS has made it possible again, publishing obscure (and wonderful) games.
    From this old looking Dungeon Crawl to a modern looking
    Dungeoncrawl/Roguelike/RPG trilogy jewels Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, Dark
    Souls II.

    No wonder it reaches over a $100.00 on ebay

  6. Excellent review.

  7. Dare I say it… I think I loved The Dark Spire more than, say, Wizardry:
    Labyrinth of Lost Souls. Less characters to worry about controlling,
    classic environment, no annoying Japanese voice overs, and a simpler
    interface without frills that allows for imagination to bloom.

    Sekhmet, I love this game…

  8. Just discovered this jewel, will get it on ebay. Excellent review btw, his
    voice also fits perfectly with the game style lol 

  9. Cleberson Pinheiro

    this game is good?

  10. I think I’m in love with this game.lol!

  11. I now prefer rpgs like this now atlus really gives the players what they
    want the game and lots of it

  12. I am still wondering how I finished this twice. It’s so huge, complex and
    with all the details that can keep most casual gamers back (random
    encounters, very easy to die, getting totally lost, etc). I think I liked
    the style. I was searching for a new RPG with classic dungeon crawler first
    person style. I could have started Etrian Odyssey with the same style, but
    much much more beautiful graphics (although typical japanishe cute faces),
    which I plan in the future. But this, the style, dragged me. But wouldn’t
    finish third time. Too much time consuming and strangely addictive despite
    the simple graphics and akward encounters. I like though, that more people
    than I’d expect like this game.

  13. a game for people with an imagination, sounds good to me!

  14. Jullian Sebrero

    This a good game.

    I consider this a throwback to the origin of the awesome RPGs out there. I
    wonder what will happen to Square Enix if Final Fantasy tries to apply this

    An outstanding game for any RPG fanatic :)

  15. Interesting looking game.
    This game may be too difficult for me, but I wouldn’t mind to atleast try
    this game out.
    I have created this interest on the First Person RPGs, since I saw some LPs
    of The Eye of The Beholder D&D games.
    Now I would prever more colourful style (with or without some anime) rather
    than more darker style. It doesn’t mean that I would be againts games with
    dark style. I just love bright colours. I even use those in my cartoon art.

  16. Nicholas Nelson

    Pssst +Jonah Nelson

  17. this game has bad looks

  18. Master 20 Bucks

    Had this game on the release day hell I even preordered the damn thing.
    It’s awesome but hard as hell

  19. I really dig the music and art style but I couldn’t see myself pouring
    hundreds of hours into it.

  20. Mark,a lone child playing RPG’s in a monochromatic computer.Who would’ve
    thiugh about that?

  21. Tyrannosaurus Rex

    This looks amazing. Love the style.

  22. Atlus? Like, “publishers of Catherine” Atlus? I must buy this game!

  23. @sharpstylez1 hand camera. 😀

  24. Mario Valerian

    This game is the hardest I’ve played yet…yet I am enjoying it! And it’s
    not just for old gamers, I’m from the PS2 generation, fed RPGs like FFXII
    and Tales of Symphonia and this game along with Strange Journey have been a
    blast to play.

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