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Razer Blade 14 (2014)

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  1. The new Blade 14 ****ing rocks… But I reneged on my deal with
    @minliangtan anyway :p

  2. Buying mine off amazon today! I remember when I first laid eyes on this
    machine, promised myself to either get this, or the MSI GS60 Ghost Pro 3K,
    or the MSI GS70 Stealth Pro.

    The GS70 only support 1920×1080, however it has 6GB of VRAM and “super raid
    2” aka 3 SSD in raid 0.

    The GS60 has 3k res, however the power bricks of the MSI laptops are huge…

    Finally I came back to the Razer Blade. I have always been a strong razer
    fan since 2012, when I bought their Naga Molten gaming mouse and Nostromo.
    Then I came across the Blade in late 2013. Only prob was the TN panel. I
    decided to wait till mid 2014. Here we are with the Razer 2014, with it’s
    super sleek battery, full aluminum chassis, sexy green usb3.0 ports (MSI is
    copying them by making their products have red ports), and really nice
    touch and keyboards. Now they have the best looking laptop screen currently
    on the market (imo), so hell, going for this one. Although it’s only 512
    GB, I still have my trusty 1TB external WD drive to go along with it. I
    will also be getting a wireless mouse, but I don’t know which one to
    get….if you guys could help me out and recommend a good wireless mouse,
    that would be great. I thought about the Naga epic, but Razer is not ready
    to conquer wireless technology yet. 

  3. Tadamichi Kuribayashi

    $2,000 isn’t bad for what it has in store. If you have a car that costs
    $2,000 it must be a pretty shitty drive haha.

  4. Build a fucking desktop. If you’re a real gamer, you don’t need to leave
    your fucking house ever. Fuck meeting other people IRL. Fuck

  5. Barack O'llama

    Do a review of the Alienware 13 please!

  6. I bought this laptop solely on this review and its physical appearance and
    feel are outstanding! However, the Intel wireless card has several issues
    and surprisingly it can not handle FarCry 4!!!! For the price point of over
    $2000 it should be able to at least handle this game on medium settings!
    The gameplay is so unbearable it makes me want to return this computer. I
    have trusted most every review Linus has done and I have modeled my
    exceptional desktop around his reviews and I am as happy as I could be with
    my build. The Razor Blade 14 just does not live up to the hype and in the
    future hopefully Linus will run more up to date games on the laptops before
    giving it his elusive “Editor’s Choice Award”. 

  7. well i think apple should sue them for stealing their design ! and
    surprisingly my friend has this model and he cant pull more than 25 frames
    on max settings while i am on a macbook pro late 2014 256 SSD 2.2 ghz quad
    core and i can pull 30 FPS on LOL on max settings

  8. LorelynF : VFX / HD Gaming / Tech Reviews

    I think it’s amazing …but the 8GB RAM is the deal breaker. :/

  9. at least people can’t say “apple’s overpriced” anymore.

  10. Did I mı̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̨ake you wipe your screen?

  11. “i use 6 gigs of ram just browsing the net”
    what the hell are you doing on your browser? im running spotify, srware
    iron, game maker atm and only use ~2.5 gB of ram out of 8 gB.

    but you do seem like the person who doesn’t look after his money, you get
    sent free stuff and you’re used to having whatever piece of technology
    carried for you :)

  12. Your car costs 3k ? Wtf

  13. Who is this for, for $2,500. That’s fucking crazy! You can buy a fully
    loaded Desktop for a lot less than that. Then, you can buy a decent
    “gaming” laptop for cheaper that can do everything this can and if you want
    to game on it use Steam’s In-Home Streaming.

  14. Garrett Haberer

    An msi or gigabyte laptop would be more worth it

  15. wow this isnt bad, but id like to see a gtx965m or 970m in the future.

  16. Thibault Zusatz

    What’s your wallpaper please ? I

  17. Ugh..! I really want one of these, but I have a MacBook Pro and its just
    awesome. I couldn’t live without OSX (I do have a gaming PC) 

  18. I travel alot and i’m playing to get a laptp
    op for games that wont me too heavy for me. I plan on playing bf4, crysis3,
    and other gamed like that.Would this laptop be good for me?

  19. Jonathan Smythe

    I personally like Razer myself. However, I am a little disappointed with
    this laptop. I understand that it is small and there is a big amount of
    power inside, but honestly, it is way overpriced. I would put this laptop
    at $1370. Compared with the GT70 and ASUS G751JT this thing is just sad.

  20. Sidney Johnson

    hi Linus it looks like Razer addressed your concern #2. The 2015 now comes
    with 16GB ram, 970M. It looks like they passed on #3 and #4 (mini display
    and Ethernet port/adapter) and its unclear whether they addressed #1 (black
    levels). They might have addressed price with a non-QHD model but then on
    that one they skimped on RAM. So that model trades your #5 for #2. Tackling
    1/4 of your observations isn’t too shabby. I can live with a USB to
    Ethernet adapter but I do wonder what kind of hit I take with that

  21. crispinfrancis1

    Wait wait wait, did you say this does not have an ethernet port?

  22. Linus, could you do a review on the 2015 model?

  23. Razer products to gaming is like Beats to audiophiles.

  24. Timothy John Paulino

    Any word on a review for the 2015 version? I want to consider it for my
    next laptop.

  25. I do love it and agree it is one of the most solid laptops available. But
    why the FUCK do we need a 3200×1800 resolution screen? 1080p is totally
    fine and now games won’t run nearly as well. Now I have to downscale on a
    higher resolution monitor which will definitely make the picture look

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