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Transformers: Fall of Cybertron (PS3) Review by Mike Matei

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  1. Why isnt he reviewing the NES version …. XD

  2. steven espinal

    i not a fan of transformers but i liked war and fall of cyberton

  3. Sadly rise of the dark spark was not very good

  4. I own both games but I was not fond of how the game’s story and characters
    were nods to only the G1 series and there were next to no aspects, if any,
    of the Takara series, Beast Wars (although I understand that to a certain
    extent), RiD, or the Unicron Trilogy incorporated into the game’s universe.
    It’s all G1, G1, G1, G1 and a re-imagining of G1. Because of that I like
    the PS2 game based on TF Armada much more and to this day, I still play it

  5. I don’t know this ps3 xbox360 stuff

  6. Terminator T-X3

    I always wanted a Beasties Transformers game with modern gaming consoles.
    To me these transformers made more sense than the vehicles as a TV show.
    Then again I never really fully watched a season of the original

  7. ZombryaTheDark

    Remember the transformers game for ps2 with red alert? Do these games play
    like it? If they do then I’ll play them. I loved that game

  8. Boris Bogdanov

    unfortunatley rise of the dark spark was bad

  9. GameFreakStudio1

    Wait a second! If Grimlock was build by Wheeljack on earth, then why is he
    on Cybertron? If anyone has a theory to this, post it in the comments on
    this comment. (Commentception) Thanks ;)

  10. Nothing special in gameplay, great designs based on G1 cartoon! Hopefully
    the next game, as you said, will be on earth and transformers will be
    designed this way, it’s gonna be a great game for G1 fans!

  11. Sometimes I feel like the Female Transformers fan see the Cybertronians
    more than just robots. They are living advance ancient lifeforms that
    already exist before Earth formed itself. The reason why we see them as
    robots and called them Transformers is because of human ignorance. They
    have their own deity, Primus and Unicron. Unicron is the planet Earth´s
    core and the life forms inhabiting Earth are his progeny. That explains why
    the human race is always destructive. Our DNA is similar to Cybertronian
    CNA. The humans and Cybertronians are connected, kinda like brothers and
    sisters. You know how humans have diversity of ethnic groups(Asian,
    Hispanic, white), same thing with Cybertronians. We have seekers who are
    from Vos. We have Praxian, Iaconian, Kaonite, Tarnian,etc. The reason
    Megatron came back alive was because he still had Dark Energon, the blood
    of Unicron, flowing through his veins and his spark remained on his spark

  12. I found this game pretty hard, even on the easy setting. It took a bit of
    grinding to get through some levels.

  13. Yeah it is underrated, but I think most people associate IT with its
    atrocious sequel that was more heavily marketed (beast machines) and write
    it off.

  14. Grimlocks transformation to Dinobot mode is scarey.

  15. Onofrio Masina


  16. I have waited for this game or a movie like this for around thirty years!

  17. I have both and beated them, they were really fun, the thing the first one
    has superior is that well you can play as more characters, for the
    decepticon campain i sued Brawl and Soundway the most.

    Hey mike theres a 3rd game coming Rise of the Dark Spark and well story
    wise it uses the war for cybertron and fall of cybertron with the age of
    extition movie, personally i hope it gives us more options for transformers
    since i was idsapointed how limited they are on story mode, like you can
    only use others in multiplayer( i use Brawl and Vortex more on that)

  18. Transformers War and Fall for Cybertron is align with Tranaformers Prime .
    Its part of the Prime continuety.

  19. The Michael bay transformer movies are fine, ever transformers show to ever
    come out had there own way of telling the story and how the characters

  20. HipHopNerd HarryGusto

    I hope Beast Wars will come back!!! 

  21. The Transforming Gamer

    Fall of cybertron was E3s greatest trailers and this was the best game of
    2012. And if you disagree w/ me, go play your $1.00 call of duty and halo
    games. This game in stores is $59.99 for a two year old game, same with War
    for cybertron, it’s $39.99 in stores. Call of duty and halo is worth a

  22. I dont like the original transformers but i love wfc and foc

  23. Joshua Gregory

    Want puzzles? Play a puzzle game.

  24. I need to know if people are still playing this on MP, I’m gonna buy it for
    the PC

  25. Christian Brayboy

    I beat both war for cybertron and fall of cybertron on hard it was fun.
    This game is one of best games I have ever played. I rarely freeze and if
    do I restart the system and load back to my checkpoint. It only took me
    about 45 minutes to beat the .This game is one of the best of all of 2012. 

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