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XO Seven Review and Unboxing – XBOX ONE Gaming Headset Review – XBOX ONE Headset Adapter

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  1. Your Baked Potato

    Is there a difference between te cables that vo in your adapter vs the one
    that goes in your mobile phone, because on my xbox 360 I could not put in
    my earbuds for my mobile phone

  2. Daniel Fitzgerald

    Are these good at sound cancelling 

  3. Does it go around the ear or over?

  4. Should I get pros or regulaur

  5. sir, your facial hair is magnificent. 

  6. Have the DX12 right now, would you recommend upgrading to these or stay
    with the DX12’s for now?

  7. Hey man just wondered if u know y my xo sevens sound so bad when live
    commentating compared to ur demo!? My voice just sounds grainy and not
    clear. Any tips?

  8. So I can’t hear game audio, chat audio and audio from my mac/PC at the same

  9. TheAlmightyApe

    I know you can’t get game audio on 360 with these, but can you get voice
    chat if you plug it in to the 360 controller without the adapter?

  10. Does this work on PC? Also can you have it connected to Xbox one and PC at
    same time?

  11. I got the xo seven pros.

  12. Brandon Stephenson

    1 other item with the XO Seven is the plates are removable and you can get
    custom ear plates. This is a cool feature to make your pair personal to

  13. Does anybody know if you can hear your self talk like you can with the
    other headsets 

  14. So you don’t have to connect the headset directly to the Xbox for in game

  15. I want 7.1 surround sound or 5.1… what do I get 

  16. Hi I was wondering if you could help me me. I would like to know what the
    best budget headset I can get for the xbone 

  17. Is it technically possible to remove the mic on the xo4 and put it on the
    xo7 or vise versa ?if possibly can you buy the xo7 mic Seperetly or a more
    flexible mic that would fit the xo4

  18. Can this and the xo four connect to to a camera for Skype?

  19. Can you listen to music with this headset?

  20. Hi Briar love your videos man, helped me make my choice to buy the OX 7s as
    I have both Xbox one and PS4 and wanted a headset that works on both. Keep
    up the good work dude! 

  21. When you said it connects to your Xbox, did you mean the controller or the
    console? I thought this was a wireless headset but I’m not sure. Anybody

  22. So.. with it being “wireless” you could still hear in-game audio through
    the headset? Curious because I might grab this today..

  23. hi rlly nice
    but buy new cam

  24. Does the chat function work on the ps4?

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