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John Woo Presents Stranglehold Xbox 360 Review – Video

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  1. billybobmybutt

    with Max Payne 3 being one of my favorite games ever i’ll definitely check
    this out

  2. This game is so badass. We need a sequel

  3. I will be making videos on this game :)

  4. Does anyone know if John Woo plans to direct any more action games like
    this in the near future? I love this type of game.


    This brings back memories

  6. Bought it for 2 dollars at gamestop

  7. This game is so underrated, its kinda sad.

  8. This is one of my favorite and underrated game of all time 

  9. this game was fun but got super repetitive, had to thrash it.

  10. Quacktics are Go

    Sleeping Dogs 2 needs to take inspiration from this.

  11. finally got a pre owned copy that works. ohhh yeah

  12. Better than Max Payne 3……..

  13. @ScarletSnake Chow Yun Fat’s the man. 🙂

  14. john woo is not the actor. chow yun fat is the actor.

  15. This game looks like Rise to Honor just a few more new features that you
    can do

  16. I really enjoyed wet. If you guys are interested in this check out WET! its
    flawed, but fun as hell

  17. I dont have the game though. I couldnt find it in my local store. Not even

  18. Just a heads up to people, this game is totally worth the $6 however there
    is no MP, I mean none, they shut the servers down so you cant even run
    around by yourself or start a local game. This makes all the MP unlocks
    useless aside from completing them. Also the PS3 has no trophies.

  19. john woo movies (including dual handguns and jumping around ownage) came
    out before max payne. Max Payne is the american Inspector Tequilla.

  20. austinharveystock

    After playing Max Payne 3 these animations look pretty bad….haha

  21. Fun game if you have a spare fiver 😀 needs to be longer though 🙁

  22. MrGamerkiller123

    i just gat these game for 5 bucks at gamestop its awesome

  23. this is almost exactly likme max payne 3

  24. this came out before wet

  25. why does it have ps3 X button for an Xbox 360 Review?? o.O 😛 XD

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