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CGRundertow OKAMIDEN for Nintendo DS Video Game Review

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  1. SketchBookShortFilms

    I’d actually love to see another game for the 3DS. We’d get the accurate
    brushing of Okamiden, with the great visuals other perks of the PS2 or Wii

  2. hypersilver1111

    it’s amateras-U. great review by the way really makes me want to by the

  3. SuperSmashGalaxy

    Is this the same Okami of the Wii? Or it’s a different game? A sequel? A
    prequel? Please let me know

  4. 0:30 What did he say, Krakes darlings??? I never heard of the term. Could
    someone tell me if I heard it right.

  5. FlashGaming1247


  6. @millstan594 Has anything been ported to the 3DS? ._. Note: Remake=/=Port

  7. I was so physic when I first heard there was gonna be a sequel to Okami.
    and several months later I finally got to enjoy Okamiden. I liked it alot,
    but Okami was more fun and longer (mainly because it was on a home console
    so more spce for stuff) But still Okami and Okamiden get a 5/5 for my vote.

  8. Never bothered by that sound gap you mentioned. In fact I hadn’t even
    noticed it until you pointed it out. Great game, I just finished it tonight
    with a clocked time of 28 and a half hours.

  9. they need to bring god hand back

  10. @millstan594 Cause this was released before the 3DS.

  11. @millstan549 When the 3DS was announced this game was already nearing
    completion. There wasn’t any point in doing that other than to set it back
    quite a bit and waste alot of cash.

  12. @iWATCHITT Okay let me rephrase the question.Why was this not updated nd
    ported to the 3DS?

  13. Somerandomdood akaSRD

    I miss Clover Studios… Platinum Games is at least doing better now.

  14. @SteelGoronNidoking It was such a downgrade from Okami. The game was pretty
    good, but the game is inferior to the original.

  15. But we’ll save that for oh look a puppy! HA!

  16. new game same mexhanics

  17. This is one of the few game “series” that fits in to that category that
    Legend of Zelda pretty much created. I wish there were more games like this
    and LoZ.

  18. i demand okamiden HD for wii U

  19. @IblisLucario64 Yes, but of an older game. It could be called a poorly done

  20. meandmyfriends999

    Perfect ending

  21. Chibi is the cutest 🙂

  22. @iWATCHITT Super Street Fighter 4 is a port of the Arcade version…. with
    extra features.

  23. @JoeyTheKid101 how did this ruin okami? It looked good on normal DS
    although it would look cool in 3D for sure.

  24. I remember when I saw Chibiterasu for the first time, my heart just melted
    at his cuteness!

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