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Top 5 Gaming Laptops 2014 (slim)

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  1. Razer Edge pro 17 soo bad


  2. I want it soo badd

  3. Landon Horvath

    this really helped, i will check out the ghost more now. Thanks

  4. Jonas Zapletal

    90% of the gpus are wrong

  5. There are some mistakes in here. But the most outstanding is the gtx 780.
    There is no laptop at all, that can fit a gtx 780! There is indeed a mobile
    version of this card, but the msi gs60 Ghost has a gtx 870M, not a gtx 780!

  6. Jonas Zapletal

    All 4k gaming laptops cannot run the vest games on medium.

    And the y50 dosent have the 765m so does the gs70 they have gtx860

  7. Jonas Zapletal

    U own all of them ? 

  8. FlippinWindows | #1 Windows Tutorial Channel!

    Why did you make this video for? Is it your only one you’d be making?

  9. Patrick Minosa

    The pictures you showed for the y50 is actually it’s smaller version the
    y40. And yes, the new gtx 8xx m series should be able to play the highest
    demanding games on 4k res with the settings set from mid to high..

  10. Alona Yanshina

    I can find the GS60 with the 860 and the 870. I assume the 870 is better?
    How does the 870 compare to the 780, and is the GS60 Ghost still better
    than the GS70 Stealth?

  11. good work continue

  12. You say the GS60 Ghost comes with the GTX 780 I only saw a configuration
    GeForce GTX 870M / GDDR5 3GB (2PE)
    GeForce GTX 860M / GDDR5 2GB (2PC)

    Is this a better or a worse one you have mentioned?

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