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CGRundertow PRINCE OF PERSIA for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review

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  1. Inon Zur really did an amazing job with the music for this game

  2. MinosDaedalus

    Just started with it and it’s simply one of the most beautiful games I’ve
    ever played. The art style is just amazing and the voice actors do a great
    job (even in my localised version, top notch actors). I just feel it will
    get sort of repetitive :/

  3. PrototypeKnuckles

    One of the best in the franchise this and sands of time are pure gold 

  4. Black And White

    This game is only 2.99 at gamestop now. I’d say it’s definately worth it,
    even if there isn’t much of a challenge.

  5. saintblaise91

    Yeah..the you can’t die thing is a turn off

  6. whosplayingyou29

    this game’s insultingly easy and i’m not just talking about the fact that
    you literally can’t lose. the design of individual levels is relatively
    linear keeping you moving toward the boss fight. also little things like
    scenic climbing elements shouting the fact that they’re meant to be climbed
    on. ie every wall you’re supposed to run on is worn out. 1 am i expected to
    believe this was such a common mode of transportation and 2,other 3D
    platformers whose target demographic is younger than ubisoft’s has more
    faith in their players to figure shit out by themselves.

  7. Mr. GMAN's Channel

    This game seems really easy, and I hate that when games don’t feel

  8. Renerak Dark

    Trilogy is my favorite but this was also good, hopefully they will continue
    the reboot.

  9. ChicanoxParkxJefe

    I judge games on what I pay for them and I think I payed 10 bucks so I feel
    like I stole something! I also have no time to die and restart a level from
    the beginning because my gaming time is limited! plus I played with altairs
    costume that was awesome fuck ezio, altair is the original assassin master
    true keeper of the creed! 

  10. ChicanoxParkxJefe

    I loved this game I love the ending too I would have done the same thing I
    fell in love with elikas ass !!!! bring on the sequel!

  11. Worst game ever

  12. Ulysses Petroleum

    Yeh this needs a sequel. It could have been a really good game. Look at the
    jump between Assassins Creed and Assassins Creed 2, they could do something
    similar with this.

  13. garlicthethird


  14. King Game Review

    I’ve played through all of the Prince of Persia games since the Sands of
    Time, and this one is by FAR my favorite. This game was incredible.

  15. This game kinda ruined PoP franchise. Storyline was perfect for trilogy and
    they had to add prequel, not only that but they made gameplay dumb and not
    that difficult and challenging. So they made this game just that you can
    experience some story to it, but then how to do that when the story is not
    that great, nor the gameplay. This is were the franchise went serious


    What is this guy talking about? The Companion Cube is the greatest NPC ever

  17. This game is vastly misunderstood. It’s obviously not meant to be a
    continuation of the original trilogy, rather it’s supposed to be its own
    thing. It’s gorgeous and quite fun, albeit too easy. This game is all about
    the experience. And it’s a great one. Everyone should play it.

  18. agusgolturbo

    i finished this game and it;s GREAT….

  19. TheHawkdaddy

    I can see not liking this game, but not HATING it. Its very competent and
    well made. Its a nice game to relax and play.

  20. Assassins creed cock blocked prince of persia

  21. lordwindowlicker

    Nah, it was also pretty dern fun.

  22. Super Domino

    They did…….sort of. Its called Prince of Persia: The Fallen King. its
    on the DS.

  23. I have never played a Prince of Persia game in my life, but I think I’m
    going to buy this game. Its super cheap now (under £4), and I’m going to
    take it as an artistic game like Journey, instead of playing it as an
    action game. The similarities between this game and Journey are very
    distinct as far as I can see, and since I thoroughly enjoyed Journey, I’m
    pretty sure this game will also be very good in my opinion.

  24. What about the forgotten sands? That used the sands of time too!

  25. TNAchocolate

    hard games are shit

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