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PS4 vs XBOX ONE – DualShock 4 vs XBone Controller Review – Hands-on.

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  1. I too much prefer the dualshock 4 over XB one controller, and I hated
    dualshock 3.

  2. The ps4 controller feel more advanced.

  3. i’v been a playstaion user since the ps1 and i have never had any problems
    with the playstation controllers actually i prefer it more than any other
    controllers that exists , and i have never owned an xbox , i tryed to play
    forza 5 but god it just sucks, the contolers is so fucking weird, i never
    got ued to it no matter how much i try

  4. I have both the PS4 and Xbox One and I don’t have a preference either way
    both controllers work absolutely fine for me. When it comes to thumbsticks
    I don’t see what ppl’s problems were with previous Dual Shock controllers I
    never had an issue with my fingers slipping off that honestly sounds like a
    made up issue to be used as fuel in those ridiculous fanboy wars. Seriously
    it’s almost as stupid as the complaints the the Xbox’s controllers have
    always been to big. I mean come on it’s not even that freaking big. I
    really think ppl just make up sh!t to complain about in order to try and
    make it seem like what they game on is better.

  5. I have a PS4 controller with Xbox One Thumbsticks. Best of both worlds!

  6. Chere Brooks

    Xbox And Playstation are same. All though I do use xbox a bit more over the
    years they both have good graphics and I personally think with movie
    graphics Sony did better but xbox has the apps on the Xbox one but
    playstation doesn’t. I honestly like how xbox has the character creator
    though. but most importantly the gameplay. The gameplay is what comes most
    important in a console and to me wii u actually won on that one me being a
    big fan of the wii also. but xbox and playstation aren’t to be fought over
    we used to be peaceful. Just buy a ps3 and Xbox one if you wanna know what
    one is best. Because ps3 is my favorite playstation and Xbox one is my
    favorite xbox.

  7. Harvey Crawford

    I have an xbox one and an xbox 360 and my brother has a ps3 and a ps4 ive
    played on all four of them im still with microsoft

  8. Fabrizio Enrique Palacios Zegarra

    yes dualshock 4

  9. DeAree Littleton wicket

    The dual shock 3 is still better then both all 3 xbox controllers.But i use
    the dual shock 4 on my PS3 tho.

  10. Hernane Ayon Jr.

    I have tried playing ps3 and xbox 360.

    the dualshock 3 is a really good controller.
    the 360 controller is quite better than the d3(my opinion).

    Now, I have never tried the xone controller yet but by the looks of it, it
    must be heavier than the 360 and it looks wider and bigger so I guess it’s
    a no no for me. I tried the D4 and it’s amazing , it’s a bit heavier but
    it’s more comfortable than ever. Watching him playing that arcade fighting
    game in xone with the xone controller, looks like he’s struggling. But I’m
    not really sure if he is. But thumbs up to this vid.

  11. Zach Yenon Joseph

    To be honest the ps4 controller is the best Ive ever played with..
    and actually I prefer the xbox 360 controller over the xbox one

  12. Compulsive Reloader

    I think both controllers are great. My biggest gripe with the PS3 was the
    controller. It felt really cheap. But the DS4 is massive improvement. I
    enjoy using both controllers.

  13. I like the Xbox one better cause I like the bulky feel in my hands and it
    feels like a legit controller,

  14. I brought the xbox one because 1. That’s what my friends were getting 2.
    I’m a fifa and cod player which is more for xbox one (ps4 for other games)
    3. The home screen layout and how fast it is to move from one game to

  15. Michael Sobrido

    Thank you Blunty for this honest video. I’ve been on the fence on whether
    to buy an XBox One or a PS4 and with both companies getting there shit
    together (mainly Microsoft) and putting out sexy white versions, the time
    is right. The deciding factor was now the controller. Love my 360
    controller and I just about hate the PS3 Dual Shock (kontrol freeks do help
    though). If Destiny reviews well I will be purchasing a PS4 Destiny bundle
    next week. Thanks again, you earned a subscriber and keep up the good work.

  16. Timo van Asten

    Owned a Xbox 360 for over 3 years and I switched to PS4 this generation,
    mainly because more of my friends play on that platform now. I can say that
    the Dualshock 4 was not a really big transition from the Xbox 360
    controller. In about one hour I was used to it. That actually surprised me
    a little bit because the controller was the reason I was leaning towards
    buying the Xbox One

  17. I played xbox for like 10 years and always preferred their controllers. But
    I tried out both controllers today and I agree to this guy, the Dualshock 4
    feels alot better, especially the analog sticks. Also i really don’t like
    the RB/LB buttons on the xbox. They are too big and too loud and feel less

  18. Ethan Workman

    Im getting ps4 nxt Black Friday bc I already have xb1

  19. Brydon Medeiros

    I’ve got to mess around with both at work but no gameplay.. my first
    impression was that the ps4 is WAY better than all other ps controllers,
    but i still found myself going back to what i’ve always loved more. the
    xbox controller.

  20. Chaz Edwards


  21. Oscar Mendoza

    I like both 

  22. Christian Plummer

    I’m just getting xbone because of my friends , plus I also get Forza 

  23. the thumb sticks on the ps4 are too close

  24. “…dualshock 4’s d-pad seems pretty much unchanged.”

    Absolutely not true! It’s a major downgrade from DS3’s d-pad and here’s
    why: it’s bigger and the feel isn’t nearly as good, because of that. I
    don’t understand why they made it bigger. There’s a reason why the
    legendary Nintendo d-pad is so good, and one of the reasons is its size –
    it’s quite small, like DS3’s d-pad was also, and thus allows your thumb to
    do fast and reliable controlling without ever raising the thumb and
    actually move it to a different coordinates. Playing for example fighting
    games with DS4 and using its d-pad, the feel is really crappy. For example
    in Injustice many moves require down -> left/right, which feels really bad
    on the DS4 d-pad where as playing the same game with DS3 is a whole
    different affair, again because of the size of the d-pad.

    But otherwise the DS4 is a huge upgrade from DS3.

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